Resources for Landlords & Renters

Want to post a vacant apartment? Looking for a roommate?

1) Harvard ID Holders ONLY:  Feel free to post information about vacant apartments or rooms on HSPH ClassifiedsOpens in a new window.  Please note that this site is ONLY open to Harvard ID holders.  Real Estate or private management companies CANNOT post on this site.

This site is strictly a resource for the students of the HSPH community.

2) If you are a landlord or a tenant looking to post information about a vacant apartment or room, feel free to post the details on this website: HMS Trading PostOpens in a new window.  This webiste is administered by the Harvard Medical School, but is a public site that is utilized by the LMA, Harvard Medical School, Dental School and School of Public Health, communties.  You do not need a special PIN or Harvard ID to post on this site.

Please remember to include contact information on these postings.