You must meet specific eligibility requirements to live in Shattuck International House. Please read the following carefully before you start your application process.

  • Full-time, registered, tuition-paying, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health student who currently possesses a valid (active) Harvard University I.D. (must maintain status during Shattuck House lease).
  • Those who have been accepted as a full-time, registered, tuition-paying student and will be entering school in the summer or fall.
  • When applying for the fall, your affiliation must be valid through the academic year until May 2016.
  • Harvard affiliates (SPH research fellows, post-docs, and visiting scholars) and Harvard alumni are not eligible to live in Shattuck House.


Due to the high demand for space in Boston, we receive far more applications from our students than we can accommodate. For this reason, we limit the eligibility to full-time SPH students only. In addition, we set the maximum length of stay at Shattuck House as three years in order to open units for incoming students.

Applicants with Spouse/Children

Applicants with Disabilities