Applying for Shattuck Housing

Thank you for your interest in Shattuck International House.  Student and
Affiliate Applications are not currently available.

Before you begin the application for this apartment building, please carefully review the details about the building as well as the rental process.  We invite you to review the following pages prior to completing your application:  Eligibility, The Facility, Floorplans, Rent Rates and Important Dates and FAQs.  If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail

Please notice that there are four different types of applications below.  Read the descriptions carefully to ensure you are completing the appropriate application.  When you are ready to submit an application, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • General demographic information
  • Which apartment type you prefer (i.e. one bedroom, two bedroom, two bedroom/roommate match) and price range.
  • Please state any special needs or accommodation you may require.
  • Please provide a valid and non-expiring e-mail address(es), as much of the initial communication about your application will be conducted through e-mail.

How is my application processed?

We do our best to accommodate your specific housing requests, but there are no guarantees that we can accommodate everyone. Applications are processed based on the following criteria:

  • Chronological order (based on when the application was submitted)
  • Apartment availability
  • Preferences stated,  specific requests and our ability to accommodate these requests

You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon completion of your housing application.  After the existing resident lease extension period ends, new applications will be processed on a daily basis.  Upon receiving your application, a housing offer/assignment will be sent via e-mail that includes the lease and payment instructions or information about being put on a wait list.  Once you receive an apartment offer, you will have approximately five business days to read and sign the lease, include first month’s rent, and submit by mail. The apartment is officially yours when these documents are received by Operations.  Detailed information about where to send your documents will be included in your offer e-mail.

We ask for your patience during this process, as it does take time for our office to process all of the applications, answer all inquiries we receive and send out communication to all applicants.