Student Eligibility
Only active admitted HSPH students are eligible for residency at Shattuck House.

Only members of the resident’s immediate family (spouse and/or children) may occupy the apartment without Harvard affiliation.  Nursemaids, nannies, or relatives who perform babysitting or household duties are not permitted to share an apartment with the student and family.

  • If your immediate family plans to join you permanently at any time during the year, include this information on your application
  • The eligibility policy applies to pre-established lease dates, subletting and sharing accommodations

Please note that there is no daycare offered at Shattuck International House.  For more information on family and daycare resources, please visit the Childcare at HarvardOpens in a new window.

Affiliate Eligibility

Affiliates are Harvard community members that include HSPH research fellows, post-docs, and visiting scholars. Applications from affiliates will be considered only if there are vacancies at Shattuck.  Historically speaking, availability for non-HSPH students (or affiliates) has been minimal. Shattuck applications from affiliates are considered on a case-by-case basis and are determined by availability.