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Healthy Homes Integrated Pest Management Summit
Researchers, public health officials, housing authority staff and community members from Boston and New York came together in February 2007 to share lessons learned in their efforts to improve the health in homes in urban settings. The group focused particularly on the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to reduce residents' exposures to pesticides and allergens from pests.

HPHI Principal Investigator Pat Hynes wins Delta Omega Award
Pat Hynes and Russ Lopez of Boston University School of Public Health won the Delta Omega Award of our national public health honor society for Innovative Public Health Curriculum for their course, Urban Environmental Health. This award was created to highlight public health courses that are integrative, practice-oriented, and multi-disciplinary. It is designed to recognize both the school of public health and the course instructors of the award-winning curriculum. Rob Schadt has worked with the course instructors and students to create an interactive CD-ROM that captures the interconnection between project-based learning, community partners, and technology, within the context of the course.

Community Health Advocates Graduate from Training Program

Twelve proud residents of the Boston Housing Authority graduated in December 2002 from an intensive training program in asthma education, research, and advocacy. The newly certified Community Health Advocates are already working with 40 families in Franklin Hill, West Broadway, and Washington Beech Developments to document the health status of children with asthma and to make environmental improvements in their apartments, such as environmentally-sound pest control.

The Advocates are part of an innovative community-university-city collaborative known as the Healthy Public Housing Initiative (HPHI). The HPHI partners include the Tenant Task Forces at West Broadway and Franklin Hill, the Committee for Boston Public Housing, the Boston Housing Authority, the Boston Public Health Commission, Boston University and Harvard University Schools of Public Health, and Tufts School of Medicine. This multi-partner project is unique in that the Community Health Advocates are the field researchers and have the critical role of linking members of community organizations, city agencies, and universities with public housing residents. The project aims to demonstrate the asthma health benefits of environmentally-sound pest control and to document lessons learned for replication in public housing communities across the country.

Following four years of pilot studies and planning, the Healthy Public Housing Initiative began formally in 2001 with funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Boston Foundation, the Jessie B. Cox Charitable Trust, and, recently, the Kellogg Foundation.