Summer Options for Degree Students

Applying for summer courses is a 2 step process

a. Invitations to summer courses are sent in January with a posted response deadline

b. Those eligible for summer are sent a notice in April with the deadline to register for their courses

1 – Summer Only Degree Students

HSPH offers 3 degree programs that can be completed in three summers

Admissions requirements and application

2 – New Academic Year Degree Students

All degree applicants, with the exception of SM1-HCM and DrPH students, are welcome to apply for courses in the summer. The summer invitation is emailed to SOPHAS applicants in January, regardless of the outcome of their application. Acceptance into a non-degree summer program does not guarantee acceptance into a degree.

Admissions requirements and application

3 – Current Academic Year Degree Students

Current students enrolled at HSPH are welcome to register for summer courses. All academic year degree students will be contacted via email in January with information on summer registration.