Summer for Non-Degree Students

HSPH offers several programs to non-degree students:

Global Health Delivery Summer Intensive

The Global Health Delivery Summer Intensive (GHDSI) program attracts a diverse, international cadre of mid-career global health professionals who seek training in global health delivery concepts and skills.

Abby Campbell, Program Coordinator

Program in Clinical Effectiveness

The Program in Clinical Effectiveness (PCE) is designed for physician-clinicians, fellows and faculty, who are seeking quantitative and analytic skills needed for clinical research or are interested in health care administration.  The PCE is an intensive seven-week, 15-credit summer program, which contains summer-long courses in Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics as well as two half-summer elective courses.This program also serves as the foundation for the MPH degree in Clinical Effectiveness and the Summer only SM in Epidemiology.

Julia Curletti, Program Coordinator

Summer Session for Public Health Studies

This program introduces students to the core areas of public health in two intensive summer sessions. Courses in the programs help students develop the ability to define, assess, and evaluate the health needs of populations, to participate in the development of health policy and to ensure the delivery of health services.

Stephanie Greguoli, Program Administrator