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This Month’s Success Story: Daniel Beaudoin


Daniel Beaudoin
Deputy Director
Facilities and Operations




Danny’s career path has been a 28 year journey. His employment at Harvard University began after graduating from Wentworth Institute of Technology with an Associate Degree in Mechanical Drafting Technology. In May 1987, Danny was hired by SPH to be a Staff Assistant III for the Operations Department which is where he still works. He was the locksmith, the light carpenter and first responder for building requests; coordinating building repairs with occupants and the trades. After nine months on the job he was promoted to managing the Shattuck International House (The Harvard Chan School’s international student housing complex located on Park Drive in Boston) which was a live-in management position back then. The position had opened up unexpectedly so Danny jumped at the opportunity and had to quickly “learn the ropes” of the position. This position served as a great learning experience for him over the course of his seven year tenure.

Within the seven years, Danny started thinking about what his next step would be and realized that furthering his education was essential to continue his development. He decided to go back to Wentworth Institute of Technology and work towards earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Facilities Planning Management. While pursuing this degree, Danny was promoted to Energy Manager for the School. This position was a natural fit for Danny because he already knew all the buildings’ systems including the automated control programming that operates them.

Upon completion of his Bachelor’s Degree, Danny continued to learn about the field while on the job through active involvement in related professional organizations and teaching at Wentworth in the program that he participated in. Danny’s involvement in these organizations allowed him to incorporate emerging industry trends at the Harvard Chan School and into his course curriculum at Wentworth. Danny taught for 10 years at Wentworth while still fulfilling his responsibilities at SPH. This experience offered him both professional growth and access to Wentworth students to fill temporary positions within Operations through the co-op program; three of which became full-time employees at the Harvard Chan School.

Danny states that he is constantly looking for new and improved ways to approach his work and mentors his team to do the same. This approach not only leads to better performance from staff but better results/outcomes for the School e.g. reductions in energy use and lower costs to operate our campus facilities.

As time progressed, Danny was once again promoted. This time he moved from being the Energy Manager to the Manager of Operations, Maintenance and Utilities. Within this new role, Danny still felt it necessary to continue his development. He remained actively involved in teaching and professional organizations; acquiring professional certifications in energy management, carbon reduction management and sustainable design.

During the Spring of 2000 with the launch of the HU Green Campus Initiative, Danny was challenged by the faculty to incorporate sustainability into the design and construction of Landmark Center’s fourth floor space. Danny made the connection with sustainability and the Harvard Chan School’s mission and partnered with the faculty and Green Campus Initiative to be the first Harvard school to adopt sustainable design into the capital construction process. Because of these efforts, the Landmark Center became an important “landmark” as the project’s design and operation broke the mold and had become Harvard’s model building for sustainability. With this success, Danny travelled all over Harvard and the Greater Boston Area to preach the success of the project and motivate people to embrace sustainability. This project was a key pivot point in Danny’s career that enabled him to question existing business practices, find opportunities for improvement, and implementing them through a pilot program process.

While it is evident that Danny has continuously identified means to develop himself on the job, he hit a critical education milestone by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Facilities Planning and Management from Massachusetts Maritime Academy!

Recommendations for staff:

Danny says that it’s important to understand the mission of the School, understand how you fit in, break down barriers, and think outside the box.  He recommends that you don’t limit yourself by your job description and to seek out peers & mentors within the University that share similar interests in order to help with your career. Danny is also an advocate for the many HR development programs provided locally and through the Center for Workplace Development which he feels are amazing and everyone should take part in. One program Danny mentioned as being particularly helpful especially for the role he is now is the “Leadership in Action” program.

What he likes most about working here:

Danny feels that at SPH the people, atmosphere, and culture are great. He really enjoys working for a school where the faculty is amazing and does meaningful and inspirational work. Danny also feels that with the amount of time spent at work, it is great to be working for institution with such a positive global impact.

Resource to You
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Introduction to Career Movement
To start off there is one thing you should know: Career movement/progression is different for everyone.  There is no right answer, no shortcut and no guaranteed road map to your next role at Harvard.  Each job, department, field, and culture has it own set of written and unwritten rules to reaching the next level. Harvard is a very large and de-centralized organization, with over 30,000 employees and 100’s of departments varying in discipline, objectives and cultures. Knowing where to go and how to get there requires hard work, research, networking, and most of all, patience. While it may not be easy, there are some tools and resources to help you.

This page will address common issues and topics and will speak only in generalities. For specific guidance, we hope you will reach out to one of our contacts listed at the end of the page.


Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering A New Job or Considering  Taking on New Responsibilities

In any career path you choose, it is critical that you ask yourself the following questions:
1.  What motivates you in your current role?
2.  Do you feel your role, what it provides you, and the lifestyle you live, is sustainable?
3.  Does your current role and the path it is taking you, provide you with the work/life balance you need?
4.  Does your work have meaning to you? Do you feel that have impact in positive way?
5.  Does this field/position challenge you?
6.  Does this position utilize your skills and strengths?

The answers to your questions will not point you in any specific direction but they will be key factors in your decision to moving up and around at Harvard. Remember, you spend much of your time at work.

Taking Your Existing Job to the Next Level

Feel like you are in the right job but looking to take on more or do more complicated tasks?  Here are some ideas for you:

  • Open up the lines of communication with your supervisor. Set up a time to meet and discuss your future. See if there are any projects or new tasks that you can take on that will expand your current responsibilities. Make sure these tasks are challenging and are more complex in nature.
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Make sure that you have the capacity to do more.  If you decide to take on new responsibilities, you will need to prove yourself and complete the tasks at the highest quality possible.  This will build credibility and confidence with your supervisor.
  • Find a mentor. Someone whose career path or current role is of interest to you. Find out what professional development opportunities they took advantage of. Ask them what worked and what did not work.

Have You Seen What is Available at the School and Harvard?
View current openings on the Harvard Employment website at

Apply directly through the website for any roles that you have an interest in and are qualified for. Make sure to submit a complete resume and cover letter. In order to formally be considered an applicant, you do need to apply online!

Trainings and Seminars Related to Professional Development
Harvard provides many workshops/seminars specifically geared towards career and professional development. For more information click here.  Here are some examples of courses that CWD provides:

  • Rock Bottom Basics of LinkedIn
  • Networking for Success
  • Informational Interviews 101
  • The Role of References
  • Career Roadmaps
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Your Strengths at Work
  • Creating Your Best Resume
  • Navigating Your Harvard Career

Other Resources Provided By Harvard
Job Function Guide – This guide is intended to provide you with an overview of the professions and sub-specialties that exist within the University. You can also find information regarding the number of employees in a given area.

Web Resources Training for Career Development at Harvard – Click here to go to the Captivate training that will walk you through all the resources can provide you regarding career planning and career transitions

“Watch and Learn” by the Center for Workplace Development

Whether you just have a couple of minutes or an hour to explore something new, these online presentations on benefits and HR topics will help you make the most of your time at Harvard — right from your desk or at home or anytime you have time.

Many of the recordings listed below require the WebEx Player to view. Click here to download the installation file for the player for PC / Mac. Once downloaded and installed, you can then download the recording and view it at your computer.

Examples of available sessions include:

  • Informational Interviewing: The Other Kind of Interview (recorded 8/8/13)    Information Interview Debrief Form
  • Cultivating Effective References (recorded 4/9/13)    Reference Handout
  • Development Conversations (1 hr, recorded 9/10/14)    Handout
  • Resumes from Scratch (recorded 4/10/14)    Resume Checklist
  • Do You Want To Be A Manager? (1hr, recorded 12/10/14)    Slides
  • Networking: Presenting Yourself in the Best Possible Way (recorded 6/2/15)    “Tell Me About Yourself” Statement Template

For Questions, Guidance or One on One Coaching? Contact an HR Partner or Recruiter.   Click Here to Find Your Designated HR Partner/Recruiter

Other Resources

The Employee Assistance Program
Need more help?  The Employee Assistance Program offers resources and tests for you to help you regarding a career transition.  Click here to get there!


Employee Referrals

Know someone who would be great for an open position at the School? Your referral would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to send us an email with the candidate’s resume along with details of an open position they are qualified for.  Email us directly  at .