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Welcome Message from Dean Julio Frenk

Dean Julio FrenkWelcome new employee!
You’ve probably already heard that the Harvard School of Public Health is a great place to work.  As you get more comfortable with our campus and your job, we urge you to explore the world of opportunities available to you here – and learn for yourself why this is a great place to be. HSPH and our Harvard affiliates are large and complex.  This web page is intended to guide you through your entry to our community and help you to make the most of the benefits and challenges you’ll find here.

Scroll down this page to find information that will be most useful to you in your first day, your first few weeks and months at HSPH. You can also click on of the following menu items to go right to the content.

A Good Starting Point

HSPH Tour Guide - This one page document will provide you with the names, numbers, email addresses, and web pages that will be critical for your first week here. You will also find helpful information on the 90 day orientation and review period, benefits enrollment, getting to the Longwood Medical Area and a map of the Longwood Medical Area. Click Here to Download the Tour Guide

Main Campus Map – This map is great for those who would work on main campus and would likes detail to building names and addresses. Click Here to Download

What You Need in Your First Week, Why You Need It, and How to Get It



Harvard University Identification Number and Harvard ID Card - Harvard identification numbers are issued to all staff members. A Harvard ID number and/or ID card is needed to obtain library privileges (including on-line resources), to use iCommons, to gain access to athletic facilities and museums, to use the Harvard Housing Office, to receive event discounts, etc. As soon as the university’s Payroll Office has completed processing a staff members paperwork, including the I-9, the individual can go to the HSPH ID Office (ground floor of the Kresge building) to have his or her photograph taken for the ID card.

 Your Harvard ID card is critical to grant you access to HSPH facilities including offices and lab spaces.  This card is also needed to allow to utilize the M2 Shuttle which is our free transportation service between the Longwood Medical Area and the Harvard’s Cambridge Campus. As mentioned above, once you have received a Harvard ID# you will be able to got the HSPH ID Office to obtain this card.

Outlook Email – Each employee at Harvard will be assigned an MS Outlook account.  This account will have been set up for your by your administrator. If you do not have an account set up yet, please contact your administator.

Private Identification Number (PIN) – This number will be the log in number you will use to obtain access to online systems such as Peoplesoft and to also get onto Harvie (Harvard University’s Intranet).  To request your PIN click here.  Please note that you will need an HUID and an Outlook Email Account to request your PIN.

PeopleSoft Time Reporting and Absence Management -  Peopelsoft helps you keep track of your time worked and current balances for vacation, sick, personal, and other time off. In order to access Peoplesoft, you will need to have PIN. For HUCTW/Overtime Eligible Employees, please note that if time is not reported before the end of the week you risk not being paid.  Make sure to report your time before Thursday by 5:00 p.m. each week.

PeopleSoft Absence & Time Reporting Resources

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Enrollment – Effective January 1, 2013 new, benefits-eligible employees Harvard employees will only have 30 days to elect/opt out of benefits coverage. If you have any questions regarding benefits enrollment, please contact the benefits office at 617-496-4001.

Health Benefits – Within two weeks of your date of hire you should receive an enrollment guide packet at your home address. This packet will include information regarding many of our benefits.  Some information is located on HARVie as well and can be accessed here.

Benefits Office Hours - New employees can have the opportunity to meet with a representative to discuss retirement, insurance, flexible spending or any of your other benefits. Please contact the Benefit Services Group at (617) 496-4001 to schedule an in-person, confidential appointment with Sarah Nicholson every Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

You can enroll online via PeopleSoft once you have your HUID and PIN. If you have not received your enrollment package, please contact the Benefit Services Group at (617) 496-4001.

Fitness Reimbursements

Athletic Facilities
Harvard Athletics Recreation Page
Vanderbilt Hall Athletic Facility (Gym in the LMA Area)

Work/Life Resources
Offerings under Work/Life Resources Website include:
Health and wellness

  • Life Changes and Transitions
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Community and Special Interest Groups
  • Parenthood
  • Child Care
  • Elder Care and Adult Care
  • Educational Work/Life Seminars and Webinars


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Getting to Know Harvard, the School of Public Health, and the Community
Here are some “basics” that will help you be a knowledgeable and proud member of our HSPH and University-wide communities.



HSPH Core Values
Milestones in HSPH History
About HSPH Research Departments
HSPH Locations and Facilities
The Harvard Guide: The Faces, Places, History, and Lore of America’s Oldest UniversityHarvard Acronyms and Lingo, Guides to Harvard Acronyms and Lingo.  These guides explain Harvard’s many “alphabet-soup” acronyms like “HRES” and unfamiliar lingo and references like “the Hasty”.

Key People and Offices at HSPH – Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know that brings the best results. The shortcuts below will lead you to the people and departments relevant to your work.

  • Ombuds Office, may provide help for a work-related situation. The Ombuds Office, which also serves Harvard’s Dental and Medical Schools, supplements the resources provided by HSPH’s Human Resources Office.
  • Deans and Directors, lists the Deans and Directors of HSPH’s departments.
  • Research Departments at HSPH

HSPH and Harvard Policies and Procedures
The following policies are natural outgrowths of HSPH’s position as a global citizen and leader in the field of public health research.


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Health, Saftey and Security
These resources are aimed at keeping you and others healthy, safe and secure, whether you’re sitting at your desk or traveling abroad.



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