HR Partners

The following list is sorted alphabetically by Department or Center name: 

A – DE – HI – Z

A – D

Department or Center
HR Partner
Biostatistics Elissa Chambers 
Center for Biostatistics in AIDS Research Elissa Chambers  
Center for Health Communication Elissa Chambers 
Center for Health Decision Science Elissa Chambers 
Center for Population & Development Studies Elissa Chambers 
Dean’s Office of Administration Linda Picard
Dean’s Office Special Projects II (PEPFAR) Linda Picard
Division of Biological Sciences Cesar Mieses 

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E – H

Department or Center
HR Partner
Environmental Health Cesar Mieses 
Environmental Health – CHGE Cesar Mieses 
Environmental Health – EER Cesar Mieses 
Environmental Health – EOME Cesar Mieses 
Environmental Health – MIPS  Cesar Mieses 
Epidemiology  Diane Stacey-Wood 
Executive & Continuing Professional Education Cesar Mieses 
Facilities/Operations Cesar Mieses 
Faculty Affairs Diane Stacey-Wood
FXB Center  Diane Stacey-Wood 
Genetics & Complex Diseases Cesar Mieses  
Global Health & Population  Elissa Chambers  
Harvard AIDS Initiative  Diane Stacey-Wood
Harvard Humanitarian Initiative   Elissa Chambers 
Harvard Injury Control Research Center Elissa Chambers 
Health Policy & Management Elissa Chambers 
Health Systems Group Elissa Chambers 
HSPH Human Resources  Diane Stacey-Wood
Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research  Elissa Chambers 

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I – Z

Department or Center
HR Partner
Immunology & Infectious Diseases (IID)  Diane Stacey-Wood
Information Technology Elissa Chambers 
Nutrition  Diane Stacey-Wood 
Office for Educational Programs  Cesar Mieses 
Office for Student Services Cesar Mieses  
Office of External Relations  Elissa Chambers  
Office of Financial Services  Elissa Chambers  
Office of Regulatory Affairs & Research Compliance Diane Stacey-Wood 
Society, Human Development & Health  Diane Stacey-Wood 
Takemi Program Elissa Chambers 

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