Who We Are

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Linda Picard, Senior Director of Human Resources, lpicard@hsph.harvard.edu

Ilia Maldonado, HR Coordinator & Assistant to the Senior Director of Human Resources, imaldona@hsph.harvard.edu

HR Partners

Each HSPH Department and Center is served by one of the HR Partners listed below.

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Elissa Brennan, Lead Human Resources Partner, ebrennan@hsph.harvard.edu

Diane Stacey-Wood, Human Resources Partner, dstacey@hsph.harvard.edu

Cesar Mieses, Human Resources Partner and Employment Manager, cmieses@hsph.harvard.edu



Erica Crawford, Recruiter, crawford@hsph.harvard.edu

Michelle Teitel, Recruiter, mteitel@hsph.harvard.edu


Harvard Longwood Campus (HLC)

Susanna Katsman, HLC Work/Life Program Manager, skatsman@hsph.harvard.edu

Gillian Simkiss, Program/Training Manager, gsimkiss@hsph.harvard.edu

Erin Ringuette, Program/Training Specialist, erin_ringuette@hms.harvard.edu

Lynne Bimmler, Leave of Absence Specialist, lbimmler@hsph.harvard.edu


Human Resources Information Systems

Trina Weekes, Assistant Director of HRIS, tweekes@hsph.harvard.edu

Travon Simmons, HRIS Assistant, tsimmons@hsph.harvard.edu


Human Resources Administrative Team

Ludvie Victor-Ackerman, Employment Assistant/Reporting, lvackerman@hsph.harvard.edu

Sarah Keeping, PT Human Resources Assistant, skeeping@hsph.harvard.edu

William Miller, PT Human Resources  Assistant, wmiller@hsph.harvard.edu