Wellness and Self Care

When you work as hard as you do, taking care of yourself is most likely the last item on your to-do list.  At Harvard, you have access to a wide range of programs that support your well-being.

HSPH Fitness Benefit

The Fitness Benefit provides reimbursement to benefits eligible HSPH faculty, staff, and postdocs for a health club membership.  Click here for information about the HSHP Fitness Benefit, including eligibility requirements.

Healthy Harvard

Managing stress effectively and maintaining psychological resilience are key components of a balanced life. As a Harvard University faculty or staff member you have access to a variety of health and wellness resources that can help you stay positive and healthy year-round.  HARVie has resources listed in areas of physical activity (including Harvard On The Move offered at Longwood), massage and acupuncture, mindfulness meditation, social supports, healthy eating (including HSPH The Nutrition Source) and rest, spirituality, and personal finances.  For information on HSPH’s onsite Weight Watcher’s Meetings, click here.

Harvard’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Harvard’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers free, confidential help for all Harvard paid faculty, staff, and postdocs and their household members. You can reach the EAP at 877-327-4278 any day, at any time for counseling, online resources, webinars and seminars to help with any personal, family, or work-related issue including information on writing a Will; preventative measures for Cancer, Stress, or Heart disease; smoking and tobacco cessation; seeking Child Care or Elder Care Housing; or investing to name a few. You and any member of your household can call the EAP for confidential consultation and referrals to experts near work or home.

Family Medical Leave and Flexible Work Arrangements

Harvard offers Family Medical Leave benefits for when one is faced with caring for yourself or a dependent.  Our leave of absence administrator will provide you with customized plans based on your employment and situation.  The Work/Life program manager can help you think through flexible workplace arrangements that will help meet your department needs with the schedule you are proposing. Managers and supervisors are not obligated to grant requests, and some units and jobs may not be suited to flexible schedules. Please contact your HR Partner to talk through potential options that best meet your personal and department needs for the particular job you are currently in.

Meditation Practices

Harvard’s Center for Wellness has a listing of meditation practices around campus.  If you would like to find a location or post a location, please visit the website for The Center for Wellness.

Violence At Home Or At Work

If you feel as though you are in danger there are professionals who can help you.

  • At work:  Harvard University Police Department (HUPD):  617-495-1212
  • At work:  Your HSPH HR Partner:  617-432-0979
  • At home:  Harvard’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP):  1-877-327-4278
  • Emergency/Crisis Contact List for HSPH
  • Educational Seminars  and other resources to gain skills and knowledge when involved with employees who are troubled or stressed.
Cancer Awareness

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is proud to hold CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ accreditation, recognizing the organization’s extraordinary commitment to the health of our employees and their families.   Please see an article about this recent achievement.  For more information click here.

Smoke Free and Tobacco Free Campus

As part of our continued commitment to enhancing our employee’s quality of life and the environment on campus, the Harvard Longwood Campus is pleased to announce that it is a 100% smoke-free (including e-cigarettes) and tobacco-free community.  Click here for more information.


Benefit Resources to Quit Smoking:

HSPH Human Resources
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Harvard University Employee Assistance Program
Harvard University Group Health Plan (HUGHP)

Other Resources to Quit Smoking (not affiliated with Harvard):

American Cancer Society
National Cancer Institute
American Lung Association

American Heart Association
Make Smoking History