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Managing the Transitions of Life
HLC Lunch & Learn presented by: Gillian Simkiss
Tuesday, January 20, 12:00-1:00pm, Countway, Ballard Rm. There are many times when life creates a transition, be it a new job, the move to a new home, or the arrival of a new baby. During those times we can feel like the new situation, whether it is positive or negative can be uncertain even if it is exciting and challenging. This course will describe some methods to deal with those transitions.

HLC Having a Baby? Adopting? Leave of Absence and Child Care Information Sessions
Presented by: Erin Ringuette
12:00-1:30pm, Countway Library, Ware Room
December 16, 2014, January 14, 2015
This monthly seminar provides an overview of the multiple resources offered to Harvard employees as well as employees of the Longwood Medical Area. Topics covered include a review of various child care options and how to find child care that’s right for you. We also review benefits available to each employee type and their various pay schedules, planning your leave, mother’s rooms and other key information for new parents from the Harvard Longwood Community. Please note, registration of this course through PeopleSoft will result in the course being listed as complete and viewable under Individual Training Summary in PeopleSoft. For the purpose of confidentiality, you may also register by emailing Erin Ringuette ( with your name, the course name and date you wish to attend.

HLC Buying or Selling Your Home Seminars: These seminars are offered monthly in Longwood. Register here. Please see dates, rooms and times below:
Selling Your Home: January 13, 12:00-1:30pm, Countway, Minot Rm.        

HLC Quality Cancer Care
Presented by: KGA, Harvard’s EAP
Thursday, January 29, 12:00-1:00pm, Countway Library, Ballard Rm.
A diagnosis of cancer is both overwhelming and devastating.  Most people enter the medical system lacking the knowledge and understanding to effectively navigate the process.  This can cause increased anxiety.  In this one hour seminar, you will learn: what to expect during early stages of a cancer diagnosis through to the treatment phase; the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges that ensue; and multiple ways to claim back one’s power – for individuals and families. The use of complementary therapies, traditional medical treatments, diet, and exercise will also be explored.  When the hour is complete, you will have gained a working knowledge of quality cancer care.

HLC Mindfulness Meditation Practice: Enriching our life, public health & medical practice
Who: Faculty/Students/Staff
Where/When: Wednesdays, 12:30 – 1:20pm, Kresge Rm. 203, (No fee)
Facilitators: David Arond, MD,MPH ‘76/Laura Smeaton, MS                               
Contact for more info:
Mindfulness Practice: Potential Outcomes
Open creative abilities
Manage stress more skillfully
Improve focus
Increase adaptability
Mindfulness Practice:
Find our innate ability to calm and center
Increase awareness: what truly matters in life
Fosters well-being- joy- caring for public good
Learn how to enrich your life and live more fully

Bright Horizons Webinar Library offers recorded webinars on a variety of topics; parents can watch at their convenience.

General information about seminars
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    • Work/Life Seminars are provided by the Harvard Longwood Campus (HLC) Human Resource Departments

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