The School’s Doctor of Public Health program

In July 2014, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health launched the Doctor of Public Health program. The primary career orientation of graduates of the Harvard DrPH degree is for leadership roles in the health sector. While some graduates at some point in their career will enter academia, this is not the central goal of the program. The PhD and SD degrees at the School educate students for careers primarily in academia and other research settings.

Resources for Experiential Learning Abroad

Department of Nutrition and Global Health Field Experience Opportunities

Summer Programs in Epidemiology 

Funding Resources

Association of Schools of Public Health

Fellowships at HSPH

Fogarty Funding Opportunities

International Nutrition Foundation Fellowship Program 

Mabelle Arole Fellowship 2014-2015

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Sheldon Margen Public Health Library

United States-India Educational Foundation


Health and South Asia inaugural publication by the South Asia Institute at Harvard

Screenshot 2014-05-19 13.41.08This publication compiles a wide representation of the important, and occasionally surprising ways, in which people find solutions to public health problems in South Asia. The following sections look at India specific issues:

  1. “More Money, More Health? An India Tale” by Peter Berman;
  2. “India Patent Law and the Novartis Case: An Interview with Feroz Ali Khader” by Madhav Khosla;
  3. “Health Care Financing in India” by Nachiket Mor;
  4. “Leapfrog Technology and Epidemiology at the World’s Largest Human Gathering” by Satchit Balsari; and
  5. “Water Pollution and Public Health in India: The Potential for a Market-Friendly Approach” by Michael Greenstone, Raahil Madhok, Rohini Pande, and Hardik Shah.

Click here to view the digital book.