HSPH Publisher Upgrades

The HSPH Web Team has made enhancements to the HSPH Publisher to make it easier, faster, and more web standards compliant.

File Manager
Every new image that is uploaded through the file manager will use the new “Image Use” tool. This will automatically resize the image you choose to the specified type. Resizing will only occur if your original image is larger than the option you select. The file manager will not resize an image to a larger size so the image will not stretch.


The options available are; Thumbnail, Small, Medium, and Large. An example of these sizes cane be seen by clicking the “Examples” link next to the dropdown menu within the File Manager.

Content Manager
The content editor window has been updated and streamlined to load faster, perform better, and simplify its use.


The new features include:

  1. Twice as fast as previous versions
  2. The toolbar has been condensed to 1 row. (The superfluous icons have been removed.)
  3. The editor now automatically cleans up pasting from Microsoft Word. You can now paste directly into the editor window without using the old “Paste from Word” icon, which has been removed due to this new feature. Firefox users, please note you will need to either use either keyboard commands or the Edit dropdown for copy/cut/paste.
  4. The “Table” icon now encompasses all of the table editing actions. To insert a new table, just click the icon itself. To modify properties of a table, use the down arrow to expand the extended table options.
  5. Links require a “Title” and Images require a “Description” to comply with accessability requirement and improve searchability through Google and other search engines.
  6. The “Image Use” tool has been streamlined to the most widely used options.

The HSPH Web Team believes these improvements will make publishing your web sites faster and easier. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at webteam@hsph.harvard.edu.