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Using Facebook and Twitter safely

With many in the HSPH community using Facebook or Twitter on a regular basis, there are potential security concerns to be aware of with either site. These security issues can have an impact on your computer at HSPH.

CNET wrote an excellent article prior to the winter recess highlighting the areas of concern with recommendations. 
cnet.jpgIt may be found at: Using Facebook and Twitter safely

The Department of Information Technology offers:

  • McAfee virus scanning products to the community free of charge. 
  • Additionally, automatic Windows updates are pushed out to the community for all users that utilize Novell. 

Please contact the Helpdesk at 432-HELP for further information.

Learn computer technology at your own pace!

The HSPH IT Office encourages staff participation in University’s low-cost, web-based training program utilizing the vendor Element K.


ElementK is an excellent option for computer skill-building and career development for all employees. Because the training is self-paced, it fits well into busy work schedules.

Harvard offers a silver version that is recommended for all employees and offers a library of more than 700 titles around the topics of office productivity, design and media.

A gold version at slightly more cost contains hundreds more titles for computer professional.

For pricing information, please see our internal site: Training Costs (HSPH only, pin-protected)

A training license offers:

  • Ability to stop and start the lessons with automatic bookmarking of where you left off
  • 24-hour access
  • Mixture of videos, tutorials, online exercises, problem sets, and reference materials for download
  • Certificates awarded at completion of training classes

Available libraries of courses noting titles of particular interest to HSPH community:

  • Office Productivity Library
    • All Office 2003 and 2007 products including Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Access
    • MS Project
    • Novell Groupwise
    • FileMaker Pro
    • Operating system training including Windows XP and Mac OSX

Sign me up!
To register, visit the Center for Workplace and Development Study site on HARVIE at:
Web-based Computer Training

Example screenshot of course introduction for Adobe Captivate:

Microsoft Software

The IT Dept is also pleased to announce an exciting development, in the area of software licensing.  The University has negotiated an Enterprise-wide software license agreement with Microsoft, covering nearly all products sold by Microsoft.  Our IT Dept, together with the 9 other IT Departments at the other Harvard schools, have entered into this site license agreement for two primary reasons:

  1. to insure 100% software license compliance throughout the institution, and
  2. to provide the full suite of Microsoft products to the broadest audience possible at the lowest cost. 

Starting after January 1, our IT Dept will include MS-Office as part of the software image we provide (at no cost) on new, Harvard-owned computer purchases.  The Enterprise license requires that the product activation key NOT be distributed to end users, so requests for installations on machines already deployed at SPH will require a scheduled visit by a member of our User Services staff. 

Harvard’s Site Licensing Dept is currently working on a distribution method for home use by Faculty, Staff, and Students, and we shall announce details of that program as soon as they are known.

Please note:  there are significant differences between MS-Office 2007 and earlier versions. 

Prior to requesting a software upgrade, we strongly suggest enrolling in one of the free training sessions that will be offered at SPH in February.