External Links in the HSPH Publisher

The web team is excited to announce improved Publisher functionality for links that open in new windows. With minimal changes on the user side, links that open to new windows will comply with university accessibility requirements.  They’ll also include a nice icon to give website users a visual cue that they open in a new window.

New Window Icon

Does this Change how I make Links?
Not really.  We simply replaced the “Target” dropdown in the link manager with the “Options” menu.

Open links in a new window using Publisher

Why couldn’t we keep the old “Target” menu?  I’ve been using it for years!
The old way has been is not included in the most recent official specification for HTML This new method complies with all current and foreseeable standards.

How does this aid in accessibility?
Visually impaired users have trouble with links that open in a new window without telling them they do so.  If they click that link the new window would take their focus from the site they were on.  This creates a very confusing and unpleasent experience for the user.  The new method adds an “new window” icon to the link.  It tells screen readers the link is going to open a new window.  Crisis averted!