Paperless User Account Forms

Attention Account Administrators

Submitting user account requests has gotten a whole lot easier with the launch of electronic user account forms.

Why paperless?

Paperless forms streamline the user account process. Just log in to the site, choose your task, and fill out the form. That’s pretty much it. No need to hand-deliver anything to IT.

Paperless forms also decrease the environmental impact of our day to day operations.

Do I have to wait until the user’s first day to submit the form?

Not at all. In fact we encourage submitting the form up to 30 days in advance!

Once you complete the form the user receives a temporary login to choose their HSPH username. They can do so from any computer with an internet connection. After that, their account should be ready in a few days.

What are the steps to make a new account?

New User Accout Steps

  1. Log in and fill out the new account form
  2. You will receive an email, with a temporary login, to forward to the new user
  3. The user utilizes the temporary login to pick a HSPH login from a dropdown list of 4-5 and accept the user terms.
  4. An Origin ticket is created with the complete information in your name. and an email confirmation is sent to you with all details of the request.