Harvard Apple Workshops

Harvard’s Technology Products and Services and its partner vendors collaborate to bring you informative workshops. Topics cover the latest hardware gadgets to productive software for Mac and Windows PC users. Harvard students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend these free workshops. Pizza will be provided at the workshops.


Where: The Campus Computer Store located at the Science Center, Room B11 (One Oxford Street, Cambridge).

Time: 1:00 pm


IPHOTO – February 1st

Apple Computers all come with the iLife suite of software which includes iPhoto ’11. iPhoto helps you organize your photos using special features like faces and also helps you make that special card, slideshow or book that you always dreamed of doing. This presentation will start withshowing how to input your photos, edit them, and create books, cards or slideshows that you can share.

WELCOME TO MAC – February 9th, May 10th

A general introduction to Mac OS X Lion covering new features including Multi-Touch Gestures, LaunchPad, Mission Control, and AirDrop as well as basic features such as navigating and organizing your files with Finder.

IPAD AND BEYOND – February 14th

Go beyond the basics with your iPad during this workshop. Learn about multitasking, copy/paste, and how to pair Bluetooth devices. Discover some great apps for iOS like iBooks, GarageBand, iMovie, and iWork. Digital workflows showing how to move your data from your computer to the iPad then back will also be discussed.

BACK TO THE FUTURE! TIME MACHINE – February 23rd, May 31st

Discover how easy it is to back up your Mac computer using Time Machine! This seminar will cover back-ups, recovery, and more. Learn how to restore files, and recover files from different points in time. This session will also cover “Versions” a function of OS X that allows easy recovery of previous program states.

IMOVIE – March 6th, June 5th

Apple computers all come with the iLife suite of software which includes iMovie ’11. If you have not had a chance to try out iMovie and move your digital movie content to your computer and put together a short movie, then you should attend this workshop. In a presentation format, you will see from start to finish how to download digital content onto your computer from your iPhone and/or camera then edit clips into one of the many Apple themes.

ITUNES – March 8th, June 14th

Discover how to import and organize music in iTunes. Learn about syncing devices, home sharing, and downloading new content from the iTunes Store!

IPAD AND ME WITH IOS 5 – March 22nd, June 28th

Come and learn about the revolutionary iPad! Learn how to set-up the basic features of your iPad including syncing and backing up your data. Discover the Apps Store and see how easy it is to download iPad applications from the iTunes Store. We’ll introduce you to iOS 5, the newest addition to iPad with over 200 new features!

GARAGEBAND – April 10th

Apple computers all come with the iLife suite of software which includes GarageBand ‘11. This presentation will lead you through a tour of Magic GarageBand Jam. You will learn how to choose agenre, audition musicians, select your own instrument, record a simple part and finally open and save the finished song in GarageBand. These are all basic features of GarageBand.


An introduction to Apple TV. This session will cover streaming content from laptops, iOS devices, and the internet to your TV! Learn about Home Sharing, AirPlay, and the Apple Remote! Discover how easy it is to share your digital content with Apple TV.


Ever wonder which Dell is comparable to the MacBook Air? Which MacBook Pro is similar to the Latitude? These questions and more will be answered in this comparative seminar between the two brands offered at Technology Products and Services.


How is digital content being transformed by the iPad? This session will explore the changes seen in textbooks with products like iBooks, Inkling and Kno. A demonstration on how to make your own digital book using Pages will also be demonstrated.

Seating is limited, please register by sending an email to Andree Mendes at andree_mendes@harvard.edu.