New Coops: Stacey Gudoshnik and Myles Gosmon

We are pleased to welcome two new coops to the Department of Information Technology.

Anastasiya (Stacey) Gudoshnik began working in July and will be working full-time through out the fall semester.  Stacey is a candidate for a bachelor of science degree in information science and business from Northeastern University.

Stacey, HSPH coop

Stacey Gudoshnik, HSPH coop

Myles Gosmon began working in June and will be working 10-12 hours each week as part of his program at Roxbury Community College.  He is a candidate for an associate of science degree in information systems technology.  Myles is our fourth coop in the the HSPH-RCC partnership coordinated by the HSPH Office of Human Resources.


Myles Gosmon, HSPH coop

Both Stacey and Myles will be providing computer support to the community at the Helpdesk, as well as in the field, with support and training provided by our User Services team.

Please join us in welcoming Stacey and Myles to the Harvard School of Public Health.