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Server Issue (Resolved)

At approximately 5 pm on Wednesday, August 5, a DHCP server issue caused Harvard Chan student laboratory computers to fail in Kresge LL6 and Kresge LL19, as well as several other locations around campus.  The issue prevented some users from utilizing VDI or the Novell network.

The issue was diagnosed and resolved by 7:15 pm.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Harvard Cyber Alert

To All Faculty and Staff at Harvard Chan School of Public Health:

We would like to provide you with the following additional Cyber Alert guidance specific to our community in a Q & A format.

Where can I find more information and updates on the Cyber Alert?
The Harvard University Information Security Office is maintain an incident page at:

What action should I take?
Out of an abundance of caution, the University is requiring that ALL Office365 (Outlook Email) users change their email passwords as soon as possible.

How do I change my Email password?
Step by step self-service directions are located at:

For users who access their email using multiple devices (eg: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc) it is very important that you turn off (or put in airplane mode) all your mobile devices before beginning the password change process, in order to prevent those devices from causing a password lockout on your account.

How can I get assistance to change my email password or if I get locked out of my account?
In addition to 24/7  IT Support set up by the University ( or phone: 617-495-7777),  our Information Technology Dept at Harvard Chan is available by phone (432-HELP) or email  ( to assist you with your Email password change and synching on all of your mobile devices.

Are other Harvard Chan systems affected?
At this time, none of our Harvard Chan systems have shown any evidence of problems during this security event, including the Student Information System, Novell, personal and shared drives, Wasabi, and Harvard Chan websites and web applications.

Should I change the password on all my other Harvard Chan systems?
The University advisory pertains only to your email password.

If you wish to change your password on our other systems such as Novell, Windows or MAC encrypted laptops, Wasabi, or iPrint, please follow the specific step by step instructions which can be found at 

How can I get assistance to change the password on all my other Harvard Chan systems?
You should call or email the Harvard Chan I/T Helpdesk for further assistance, or to answer any questions about the password change process.    (phone: 432-HELP, or email:

During what hours will assistance be available?
Harvard IT Help Desk:  24/7  (phone: 617-495-7777, or email:

Harvard Chan I/T Helpdesk:  8 a.m.-6 p.m. weekdays, (phone: 432-HELP or

Note:  over the 3-day holiday weekend, I/T staff will periodically be checking Helpdesk messages 8 am to 8 pm.

Monthly Maintenance Window: Sunday, February 15

UPDATE: All updates were successful and systems are fully operational.

On Sunday, February 15th, we will be performing our normal monthly system maintenance to all servers and network gear.  Note: Our normal Thursday window has been moved to Sunday to accommodate the academic calendar.

The maintenance window will last from 7PM to 1AM.

There will be several brief, 5 minute, network outages between 7:00PM and 9:00PM for Landmark Center:

– Network and Internet access from inside SPH Landmark, will be interrupted

The following services will have one or two small outages:
(You can continue to work, but may have brief pauses while services restart)

  • File and Print services
  • ICF File services
  • ICF Print services
  • NetStorage
  • Kanaka
  • Powerfaids and NetPartner
  • Wasabi
  • Virtual desktop system (VDI)
  • Accellion File Transfer service

The following services will be unavailable from 7PM – 10:30 pm:

  • MyHSPH Portal

The following services will be unaffected during the maintenance window:  

  • Web Server (main site)
  • ALICE Development/Testing systems
  • HUIT ICEmail (Outlook) system
  • Office 365

Please contact our Helpdesk at (617)432-4357 or email for any questions or concerns you may have regarding this information.

Upcoming maintenance dates:

  • 3/15/2015 – Moved to Sunday, to accommodate Academic Calendar
  • 4/9/2015
  • 5/17/2015 – Moved to Sunday, to accommodate Academic Calendar
  • 6/11/2015

Internet Connectivity Issues (Resolved)

Update, 3:40 pm: HUIT has restored Internet connectivity to normal operation as of 2:30pm, with subsequent monitoring to confirm stabilization. Those who wish to connect to the Internet from the Harvard network are once again able to do so. We regret any inconvenience this interruption may have caused.

Dear HSPH Community,

As of 10:40 am, internet connectivity for many users across campus is interrupted. Users may be unable to access external websites and delivery of email may be delayed.

Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) is actively working on resolving the issue.

Deane Eastwood
for the Department of Information Technology

Kresge LL-19 computer lab will re-open on Monday

The IT department is pleased to report that our Instructional Computing Facility in Kresge LL-19 (computer lab) will re-open for business as usual on Monday, November 24.

Our Media and Educational Technology Services (METS) staff will return to their offices within ICF LL-19.

The majority of the I/T Dept. staff however will likely remain in our temporary locations at Landmark, FXB, and Smith Street until the construction project in LL-6 adjacent to our LL-15 office suite is completed.

We thank the entire SPH community for your patience and understanding during the past 3 weeks, and we apologize for the tremendous inconvenience this closure may have caused you.

Tech Day Raffle Winners

photoThank you for the outstanding turnout at today’s Tech Day.  Hundreds of HSPH community members stopped by to learn about Office 365, VDI, Canvas, new Dell products, BlueJeans video conferencing, Mediasite course capture, and responsive web design. Dozens participated in tours of our new distance learning and video production studios and the HSPH server room.

We raffled off a number of items that IT staff members are excited about.

The winners are:

Louis Bishop
Dell Venue 7 Tablet 

Iris Kim
Apple TV

Nang H. Tin Movng
Dell Bluetooth portable speaker 

Casey Hamilton
iPod Shuffle 

Beth Chaplin, Jacke Willis, and Sonya Milonova
FUELActive Portable Charger – charge your iPhone, iPod, Android or other USB device, anytime, anywhere

Congratulations to Louis, Iris, Casey, Nang, Beth, Jacke and Sonya!  The prizes can either be picked up at the HSPH Helpdesk in Kresge LL15 or we will arrange for delivery.

Based on the strong turnout, we hope to do another Tech Day in the spring.

HSPH IT is now supporting Apple OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 for all HSPH-owned Apple computers

To All HSPH Mac Users,

The Department of Information Technology is now supporting Apple OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 for all HSPH-owned Apple computers.  Mavericks contains improvements to the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac.  Unlike other OS releases, Mavericks is free and will eventually become Apple’s only supported OS.

The upgrade process differs based upon whether your computer is a desktop or an encrypted laptop and what OS version you are currently running:

  • Apple OS X 10.9 or Apple 10.9.1 desktops
    Please use your Mac’s automatic update system.
  • All other OS X desktops
    Please contact the Helpdesk at 432-HELP to arrange for an upgrade.
  • All encrypted laptops
    Please contact the Helpdesk at 432-HELP to arrange for an upgrade.  Please do not attempt to update the operating system yourself as a faulty upgrade could result in data loss.

For more information on how to check your current OS and for information on updating Apple operating systems, please see our web page at:

If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk at 617-432-HELP or email


Fraud/Phishing alert from Bank of America

Bank of America has contacted Harvard University to make us aware of a recent email scam that has affected the University of Michigan and two local schools. The emails will appear to come from an official University department with a link asking employees to either confirm their login information or update their payroll or Open Enrollment benefits. If employees enter their data, it is captured by the perpetrators of the fraud. Once that credential data is captured, the information may then be used to change direct deposit information.

As always, please be suspicious of any link in email. If asked to log in to PeopleSoft or another sensitive system, do not follow the link. Instead, enter the URL directly into your web browser, or connect via a trusted source such as

If you suspect that you are the victim of a fraudulent email, please contact the HSPH Helpdesk for support.

Thank you