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FXB G12 and G13 Renovations Completed

On January 6, 2010, we completed the upgrade of all audio-visual systems in FXB G12 and G13.

The work was led by Group Leader Sarah Bearse with assistance from Stephen Riccardi and Chris Riley.

Additional work has been scheduled for Monday, January 18, 2010 to complete programming work.  This work will tie FXB G11, G12, and G13 into the control room for recording and web streaming.

Some photos of the new equipment:
A custom maple desk has been added to each room with a new document camera, computer, laptop/tablet connection, and DVD.

The new touchscreen is easy to use and controls all of the rooms functions.


Photos by Julie Lantz

Cameras have been installed in the rooms providing a video feed back to the HSPH control room in the Kresge Building.  Microphones have been added to the podium and to the ceiling to pick up room audio.

Phone lines have also been integrated into the systems.  This should make the rooms a choice location for audio and web conferencing.  We are currently testing this feature and will make it available later this winter.

HSPH Website Migration Completed

On Monday, December 21st at 6pm the migration of the main HSPH Website was completed. Launching capabilities have been restored in the HSPH Publisher and publishing updates will appear immediately as before with no delay.


  • New server is faster, more flexible, and has a larger storage capacity
  • New server is virtualized and part of HSPH’s disaster recovery plan.  In
    case of an emergency, this will enable IT to fully restore the main web
    server from our offsite DR location in a matter of hours.

A special thanks goes out to the HSPH Server Team, HSPH Web Team, and University
Information Systems
for making this switch possible.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this migration please email the HSPH Web Team at

Kresge LL6 network upgrade scheduled

Adding to our winter recess work schedule, the IT Office will be upgrading the network and computer wiring in Kresge LL6 between the Christmas Holiday and New Years holiday. 

Kresge LL6 is HSPH’s largest computer classroom.  This upgrade will ensure that all machines have outstanding and reliable connections to the network. 

Work will be lead by HSPH Network Manager Stephen Riccardi.


Photo by David Shelton, User Services Group

FXB G12 and G13 Audio-Visual Renovations Scheduled

The FXB G12 and G13 classrooms will be renovated over the holiday recess.  Work will begin just before recess on December 21, 2009 and continue through January 3, 2010.

The renovations will feature:

  • New custom maple desks
  • New easy-to-use room controls
  • Upgraded microphones, speakers, and amps
  • Upgraded wiring and AV matrix switch
  • Addition of a document camera
  • Fiber connection to the HSPH control room on the Kresge G-level

Early in 2010, we will reprogram our control room to accept audio, video and VGA (computer, laptop, document camera) feeds from FXB G11, G12, and G13.  This will increase our quantity of potential course and event capture sites to nine.  Existing capture locations are Kresge G1, G2, G3, 213, 502, and the Kresge courtyard.

FXB G11 was renovated in August 2009.  New projectors and screens were already added to FXB G11 and G12 in August 2008.

Sarah Bearse, group leader for media services, will lead our renovation efforts.


The wiring shown above will be simplified and cleaned up.

Presenters will have a new document camera available. This is the same model that has been installed in Kresge 502 and FXB G11.

Energy Efficiency Improvement in Computer Lab

The Operation’s Office has outfitted HSPH’s largest student computing laboratory with new LED lights replacing the traditional bulbs.  According to HSPH’s energy and utilities’ manager Danny Beaudoin, the new lights will provide an annual cost savings of $884.

(46) 35 Watt MR-16 track lights = 1,610 Watts
(46) 6 Watt LED MR-16 track lights = 276 Watts

Annual Savings:
1,334 Watts * 4,732 hours/yr = 6,312 kWh/yr = $884 per year!
In addition to cost savings, the LED lights provide outstanding and more direct task lighting for student work.

MS Office 2007 upgrade in Kresge 209

On Friday, October 9, 2009, the IT Office upgraded the computer laboratory in Kresge 209 to MS Office 2007 to accommodate training courses scheduled for the fall and into the spring.

MS Office 2007 is also available in Kresge LL10. 

Other laboratories including Shattuck House, Landmark Center, Kresge LL17, Kresge LL6, and Kresge 213 will remain using an older version of MS Office.

At the end of the academic year in June 2010, all computer laboratories will be upgraded to MS Office 2007.

Kresge 209 contains 24 computers and an instructor station.

Kresge G1 audience microphones replaced

On August 21, 2009, the HSPH IT Office completed renovations to the audience microphone system in our largest auditorium, Snyder Auditorium (Kresge G1).

The new Senheisser system will allow for much easier conversation during classes and events.

Kresge G1
New audience microphones can be found at every other seat in Snyder Auditorium, Kresge G1

The units are PUSH TO TALK and up to 15 “delegate” units will activate at any given time. Each delegate unit has a speaker that transmits active microphones.

Sennheiser closeup
A close-up of new units.  Pushing the red button activates your microphone.

The podium has a “Chairman’s Unit” that allows for universal muting.

Work was completed over the summer in-house by Sarah Bearse, Audio Visual Systems Engineer and Stephen Riccardi, Network Manager.

Visit Kresge G1 and try the new units.

FXB G11 Renovations Complete

The HSPH IT Office is pleased to announce the renovation of the audio-video system in FXB G11.  Work was completed during the week of August 24 – August 28, 2009. 

FXB G11 podium
New podium in FXB G11

New equipment includes:

  • Podium
  • Document camera
  • VCR/DVD player
  • Projector
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Microphones
  • Speakers

Once wiring has been run to the room, we will be able to provide audio, video and VGA (i.e., computer, laptop, document camera, tablet PC) feeds back to HSPH’s central control room on the G-level of Kresge.  This will allow us to both tape classes and events from FXB
G11.  The wiring will be complete some time in the early fall.

The renovation of FXB G11 includes a new document camera.

The room uses familiar push button Extron controls found in most classrooms

The controls offer:

  • ON/OFF to turn on and off the projector
  • Volume control knob to control room volume
  • Arrows UP and DOWN to operate the screen
  • AUTO IMAGE makes image adjustments for sources
  • DVD/VCR switches source to combination DVD/VCR
  • DOC CAM switches source to document camera
  • LAPTOP switches source to your laptop (VGA with audio and network cables cables are on podium)
  • PC switches source to the room’s resident PC

If you are teaching or presenting in FXB G11 and would like an overview of the room, please contact the Helpdesk at 432-HELP, and we will arrange for a tutorial.

Downtimes for 2009-2010 Academic Year

The Information Technology Office has scheduled the following dates and times for our monthly downtime for the academic year.

Downtime takes place on Thursday evenings from 7PM to 1AM on the
following dates:

  • 9/10/2009
  • 10/15/2009
  • 11/12/2009
  • 12/10/2009
  • 1/14/2010
  • 2/11/2010
  • 3/11/2010
  • 4/15/2010
  • 5/16/2010 (Sunday evening)
  • 6/10/2010

Closer to each date, the Information Technology Office posts what systems and resources will be impacted by the downtime.