Credant Endpoint Encryption for Macs




Beginning in March 2013, the Information Technology Department will begin an important project to provide full disk encryption for all Harvard-owned Mac laptops using Credant Endpoint Encryption. Full disk encryption is an important step in protecting confidential information and has now been mandated by Harvard University.

Christopher Cahill, our Help Desk Manager, will be contacting department administrators and individual users in the coming weeks to schedule the encryption.

There will be no charge to encrypt your laptop. It will be provided free as a service of the Information Technology Department.

The Mac hard drive encryption will allow us to connect Mac laptops to the HSPH network shared drives. This will be done during the encryption process. We will also be connecting iMacs to the network shared drives as part of this project. Encryption is not required for iMacs to connect to the network drives.

All new Mac laptops will be encrypted when they are brought to the Helpdesk for setup.

The encryption process and connecting to the network shared drives requires Apple operating system Lion (10.7.5) or Mountain Lion (10.8.2). If you need to update from Snow Leopard (10.6) or lower, your department must purchase the software; our technicians will then work with you to install the update. This will be done before your encryption day.

For more information on Credant Endpoint Encryption and the encryption process please visit the Credant Endpoint Encryption for Macs FAQs page.

For more information on the University’s Enterprise Security policies, please visit:

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HSPH IT Department