Novell Information

Novell Information

The HSPH Novell Network is a system of servers maintained by the IT Department.

These computers allow access to network resources including:

  • email
  • web/Internet
  • shared printers
  • shared data

The core system is a NetWare Cluster of 5 servers connected to a Dell/EMC SAN.

Account Eligibility and Policies

  • Accounts are limited to one per person.
  • All account holders are required to have a current Harvard ID.
  • HSPH will revoke access to an existing network account as soon as an individual loses his/her affiliation with the School.
  • HSPH reserves the right to close and delete any account not accessed in the previous two-month period. If you are planning on being away from the School for an extended time period (over two months), you must notify the IT Dept or your account may be closed. You will not be notified of account deletion.
  • Account holders who are no longer eligible for a Novell account are responsible for making their own provisions for obtaining computer resources outside of HSPH, i.e., through another School at Harvard or a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • HSPH does not provide email forwarding, file transfer, or other computer services for individuals who leave the School. Forwarding existing mail and needed files is the responsibility of the user before he/she leaves HSPH.
  • Accounts are NOT automatically created for employees.  Department Administrators are required to complete the Computer Account/Disk Space Form.
  • We offer “CONTRACTOR” accounts for non-HSPH personnel. They are billed quarterly based upon disk space allocated. All new accounts will have a minimum of 500MB for the P: drive and 500MB for GroupWise.
  • We offer Novell-only accounts for use in our Student Computing Labs (aka the Microlab).  These are for day-long or repeating courses with attendees who do not have any HSPH accounts.  The policy and process are as follows:

The account will be active for only the time the class is active. All accounts are given randomly generated passwords. The student will be given a page containing our Account Policy and their temporary Login information. Each student must sign and return the form to the program administrator or the Microlab Manager. The second page, which will be given to the student after the form is signed, is simply the login name and password.

Changing Your Novell Password

At the Novell login screen, enter your login name (usually your first initial and up to 7 characters of your last name) and the password provided on your new account application form.

The first time you log into Novell, it will ask you to change your password, just say “NO“.  It may ask up to 3 times, just keep saying NO.  After you are logged, in, click on:

  • Start
  • SPH Network Applications
  • Network Utilities
  • Change Network Password

You will then get a screen that asks for the old password and then ask you to pick a new one (minimum of 9 characters, see password requisites below).  You will have to enter the new one twice, then it might ask if you want to synchronize with other servers, say “YES”.  Your Novell password has now been changed.

From Outside of the School:

Please go to and login with your username and old password. Once you do, you will be prompted to change your password.

New Passwords:

  • Must be between 9 – 128 characters
  • Must contain at least 1 Uppercase letter (A-Z) and 1 Lowercase letter (a-z)
  • Must contain at least 1 Number (0-9)
  • May contain special characters
  • Must be a new password
  • Cannot contain any part of your first or last name

This changes your Novell Login, GroupWise and MyHSPH passwords. This does not change your HUID/PIN password.

If you are a student, go directly to Network Utilities after clicking the Start button.