Purchasing Software

Faculty, staff, and students may purchase software from a number of software companies at educational discount through Harvard preferred vendors and programs.

Departmental Software (Volume) Purchases:

Non-Microsoft Products

Certain software programs are available through Harvard Site Licensing at educational discounts. Purchasing is with a 33-digit billing code and the software will be mailed to your University address.

Please note that you only need to purchase one software CD/DVD but you need to purchase a license for each computer the software will be installed on. Departments are responsible for keeping track of software licenses for each computer.

To order software for departments please contact your department purchaser and have them go to:

Harvard HCOM website, then either the SHI site or the GovConnection site.

Microsoft Products

As of January 1 2010, the IT Department will include MS Office 2010 for Windows and MS Office 2011 for Mac as part of the software image we provide (at no cost) on new, Harvard-owned computer purchases. We can also install/upgrade Microsoft on any currently owned HSPH computer or laptop at no cost.

The Enterprise license requires that the product activation key NOT be distributed to end users, so requests for installations on machines already deployed at HSPH will require a scheduled visit by a member of our User Services staff.


Student or Personal Purchaser:

Certain software is available for personal use and sold at educational discounts. Please visit:

Harvard Technology Services

Click on the On the Hub for personal purchases.

Microsoft Products Personal Purchase Program

The HSPH Department of Information Technology is pleased to announce HSPH’s participation in the Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP).

This provision in the University’s Microsoft enterprise license, allows HSPH faculty and staff to purchase:

* Microsoft Office 2016 for PC

~ or ~

* Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016 for Mac

You can also purchase the following software:

* Microsoft Project 2016

* Microsoft Visio 2016

for personal home use on non-Harvard owned machines at deep discounts.

For costs and purchasing information please visit:

Microsoft Home Use Program (HSPH Novell/eDirectory Username and Password Protected)

SAS and STATA Software for Student Use

SAS for Harvard Student, Faculty and Staff Use on a personally-owned computer.
With the closing of Technology Products and Services, SAS is no longer available to purchase for use on a personally-owned computer.

SAS provides SAS University Edition and SAS OnDemand for Academics for educational use. Please follow this link for a comparison of the offerings:

Students and faculty can purchase Stata and StatTransfer through the Stata Gradplan. See http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/icf for instructions.