Windows XP Migration


As of April 2014, Microsoft no longer supports the Windows XP operating system. This means they will no longer send out security patches and updates. Any computer running Windows XP will become very vulnerable to hacking, viruses and spyware. Therefore, the HSPH IT Department would like to schedule a time with you to upgrade your computer, if necessary.

1.  On your scheduled date, we will pick up your computer between 8 and 10 AM.  It will be returned by 4 PM.  If you have an unusually large amount of data (greater than 50 GB) or your computer has hardware issues it may take longer.  We will let you know before 4 PM if this is the case.

2.  Your data will be backed up.  We can usually find everything, but if you have data stored somewhere unusual (for example, on a hidden hard drive partition) you should let us know.

3.  Your computer will be imaged.  This means that the hard drive will be wiped and Windows 7 installed along with Microsoft Office 2010 and Mozilla Firefox.  HSPH IT WILL NOT REINSTALL ANY OTHER SOFTWARE.  You will be responsible for reinstalling any software you may need.  We will provide assistance if you run into trouble while trying to reinstall your software. (Note: If you are a member of the faculty, we will install certain software.)

4.  We will restore your data to your computer, and reinstall your printers.

5.  Your computer will be returned to your desk.  If you are there we will work with you to get you logged in and put your data back into your profile.  If you are not there we will leave a note with information on how to contact the IT Department to finish the setup.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let the IT Department know.  We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs and make this as painless as possible.  If it is not possible for you to work without your computer for the necessary time, we can provide a loaner.