Student Laboratory Reservations

Reserving Classrooms in the HSPH Microlab

IMPORTANT: You cannot assume that the software you plan to use in a Microlab room is already installed, or that it can be installed for immediate use.   Software that is easily installed on your own computer usually needs special installation in the Microlab ahead of time by IT staff.  For any software besides SAS, Stata, R, ArcGIS, Microsoft Office or web browsers, please contact  See our software policies, below, for more information.

If you are making a reservation on behalf of the instructor, it is very important that you inform the instructor of the software issues described above.

A. Hardware and software policies and information

  1. In order to log into Microlab computers, users must have a Novell network account. If there are participants in your class who are not enrolled HSPH students or faculty members, please indicate on the reservation form the number of guest accounts needed.  There may be a charge for guest accounts.
  2. The computers are imaged with Microlab software. If other software is required, please see “Policies for Use of Non-Microlab Software” below. If you are not sure, send inquiries to
  3. On Microlab computers, all files stored on the “C:” drive and desktop are erased every time the computer is reset, turned-off, or the user logs out. Files can be saved to each user’s network “P:” drive, CDs, or flash drives.

B. Reservation and payment policies

  1. There is a charge of $250 per event (regardless of length of time) for Non-Registrar listed programs.
  2. A departmental 33 digit billing code must be provided for any reservation request that entails charges for guest logins, room use, or installation of software before the reservation will be accepted.
  3. Registrar listed courses take priority over non-Registrar listed events.
  4. If reserving a room would interfere with student access to the Microlab, the IT department may not be able to complete the reservation.
  5. Reservations for course labs that recur each week should be made through the registrar’s office.

The following rooms in the Kresge Building are available for computer classes:

Room Student computers Instructor computer and projector Printers in room
LL6 48 Yes Yes
LL19 20 Yes Yes
K209 25 Yes Yes
K210 12 Yes Yes

C. Policies for Use of Non-Microlab Software and Microlab Software received after the deadline:

  1. If you require installation of Non-Microlab software or Microlab software received after the software submission deadline, there is a charge of $50 per hour if it is necessary to re-image the computers. Estimate 3 hours per room. To determine whether you will incur a charge, send inquiries to
  2. You will need to provide copies of software, printed evidence of adequate licenses, and installation instructions at least 2 weeks before the class is to be held.
  3. It is the instructor’s responsibility to test the software at least 2 weeks before the start of the class.

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