General Email Information

In 2012, HSPH completed an email migration to Outlook/Exchange for faculty, staff, and researchers.  Additionally, HSPH students were migrated to GMAIL.  As of December 2012, all users have been migrated to the new systems.

Preferred outlook client

HSPH strongly recommends using the Outlook software. A full client is available for the PC and MAC.

There is also an excellent webmail piece called Outlook Web Access.

HSPH IT will support all aspects of Outlook:

  • installation,
  • training, and
  • troubleshooting.

We have options for connecting Smart Phones and Tablets to the Outlook email system.

Please click here for more information on the Outlook email system.

Use of a Non-Outlook Client

If you choose to use another client, HSPH IT staff will assist with initial settings only.

It should be noted that these softwares will not allow you to participate in some of the groupware features of Outlook including calendaring, contact and task management, and sharing of resources with other users on the system.

POP will not be supported.


All students are issued GMAIL accounts upon arrival.  These accounts do not expire. The supported client for GMAIL is their web interface.  GMAIL also can be configured for mobile devices.


Access to the HSPH Groupwise email servers will be removed in early 2013 and the servers will be decommissioned in mid-2013.