HSPH ISites Policy

ISites for students is administered centrally by the Office for Student Services. ISites for faculty and staff is administered by the Department of Information Technology. All requests for an ISite should be sent to cternan@hsph.harvard.edu and the request will be routed to the appropriate group for approval. As per University policy, ISites are required to be professional or academic in nature, personal ISites are not permitted, nor is personal file storage or transfer.

The following are target groups for ISite development:

  • Officially recognized students groups with Office for Student Services approval (i.e, HSPH Student Government)
  • Ad hoc students groups with Office for Student Services approval (i.e., Working Group on Geographical Information Systems)
  • Departments or offices with a designated Harvard employee taking responsibility for the ISite. (i.e., Registrars? Office)
  • Research laboratories or working groups with a faculty sponsor (i.e., the Smith Research Laboratory)

All users who are approved for an ISite must attend HSPH-sponsored ISite training. Other training materials and tutorials will be posted online.

ISites membership is maintained by ISites owners. There are several options to allow ISites access by predefined groups such as HSPH faculty, staff and/or students or the entire Harvard community. You may also create your own group using official Harvard email addresses. External users (i.e. faculty collaborators at other institutions) may be added after a user has activated an XID (http://xid.harvard.edu).

ISites usage follows other general HSPH IT account policies including:

Copyrighted Materials

  • You may not place any materials owned by others, i.e. copyrighted works, on your ISite without the expressed permission of the owner. (Examples: cartoons, articles, photographs, songs, software, graphics scanned in from published works or other web pages).
  • Assume materials you find on the web are copyrighted unless a disclaimer or waiver is expressly stated. You may include quotations of a few words provided you identify the author and the work from which the quotation is taken.
  • If you want to include something from another web page, then link to it rather than copy it.

Licensed Materials

Please take special care with materials licensed to Harvard by their owner, for example, PUBMED or articles from the Wall Street Journal or New York Times. These materials are restricted to use within Harvard. No one has the right to place these materials on web pages and/or redistribute the materials unless specifically authorized by the owners. Your ISite can be secured to PIN-authenticated users of the Harvard community only.

Pictures and Video

You may not place any pictures or videos of people on your Isiste without the permission of the people in the picture or video. Every person has a right of privacy which includes the right to restrict the use of his/her own image. In addition, the picture or video may be protected by copyright.

E-Commerce on the HSPH Network

Commercial activity on the HSPH network is permitted only for business done on behalf of HSPH or its organizations.

Sponsorship and Advertising

Fundraising and advertising may be conducted on the HSPH network only with approval of the Office of the Dean.

Private Business

It is not permitted to run or promote a private business on the HSPH network.

Use of the Harvard name

“Harvard’s name must not be used in ways that suggest or imply the endorsement of other organizations, their products, or services.”

Reselling network IP services

Reselling network IP services to individuals or organizations not affiliated with HSPH is not permitted.