University ISites Policy

ISites is a service provided by the Office of the Assistant Provost for IT to facilitate group work and communication among members of the Harvard community, and in certain situations external internet users. Certain uses are inconsistent with this purpose, including, but not limited to:

  1. activities that are illegal or fraudulent;
  2. use that inaccurately implies or suggests endorsement, approval, or sponsorship by Harvard University (or any individual officer of the University);
  3. use that can be confused with official communications of Harvard University or their officers;
  4. mass mailings (sometimes known as “spamming”);
  5. individual file storage not related to Harvard University group work;
  6. personal web space.

Access to ISites may be denied to those who engage in these or similar practices. In most cases, the ISites application is offered as is, with no support, and a storage capacity of 50 MB.

The use of all Harvard University data is limited to faculty, staff, students, alumni, and approved external users. All commercial use of the names, addresses, or other data is prohibited. Inappropriate uses of the data will result in immediate termination of online services privileges.

Harvard University reserves the right to discontinue any or all online services at any time or to revise the terms of this fair usage agreement.