What is an ISite?

ISites is an application developed by Harvard University for creating and operating unlimited numbers of web-based communities that can take many different forms, such as:

  • academic portals
  • school intranets
  • scholarly communities
  • project management sites, and
  • clubs

ISites is designed to allow users with basic PC skills to manage their own content, thereby lowering the bar on moving content and business processes to the web.

The HSPH portal, my.hsph.harvard.edu, employs the ISites application. HSPH also utilizes the Icommons courseware created by Harvard University. In academic year 2005-06, a pilot project merging the two applications, ISites and Icommons, is underway at the University level. HSPH is a pilot tester of the combined project.

HSPH is pleased to offer ISites to the larger community for community-building applications. These activities could be administrative, research-oriented, or academic in nature.