Student Web Pages

All students will be provided space for individual web sites at the time of enrollment. Upon termination of student status the website account will be withdrawn.

Copyrighted Materials

  • You may not place any materials owned by others, i.e. copyrighted works, on your web page without the expressed permission of the owner. (Examples: cartoons, articles, photographs, songs, software, graphics scanned in from published works or other web pages).
  • Assume materials you find on the web are copyrighted unless a disclaimer or waiver is expressly stated. You may include quotations of a few words provided you identify the author and the work from which the quotation is taken.
  • If you want to include something from another web page in one of your web pages, then link to it rather than copy it.

Licensed Materials

Please take special care with materials licensed to Harvard by their owner, for example, PUBMED or articles from the Wall Street Journal or New York Times. These materials are restricted to use within Harvard. No one has the right to place these materials on web pages and/or redistribute the materials unless specifically authorized by the owners.

Pictures and Video

You may not place any pictures or videos of people on a web page without the permission of the people in the picture or video. Every person has a right of privacy which includes the right to restrict the use of his/her own image. In addition, the picture or video may be protected by copyright.

E-Commerce on the HSPH Network

Commercial activity on the HSPH network is permitted only for business done on behalf of HSPH or its organizations.

Sponsorship and Advertising

Fundraising and advertising may be conducted on the HSPH network only under the supervision of officially recognized campus organizations.

Private Business

It is not permitted to run or promote a private business on the HSPH network.

Use of The Harvard Name

“Harvard’s name must not be used in ways that suggest or imply the endorsement of other organizations, their products, or services.” Individual student web pages are considered “unofficial” and should not carry the HSPH shield.

Reselling network IP services

Reselling network IP services to individuals or organizations not affiliated with HSPH is not permitted.

Personal web page format

  • Footers on personal websites must carry a disclaimer that the information provided is the personal responsibility of the owner and not that of Harvard University. The footer is forced to the bottom of each HTML page and reads: “This web site and its content is the sole responsibility of the web site registrant and is not a product of Harvard University.”
  • The website URL will indicate that the site is a personal website by carrying a URL.

Appropriate use policies

  • The student owner of the website is responsible for all content.
  • The Harvard School of Public Health reserves the right to revoke privileges whenever there is a violation of the appropriate use policies.
  • University technology resources should not be used in connection with political campaigns or lobbying (except official University lobbying activities authorized by the Office of the Vice President for Government, Community and Public Affairs).
  • Information regarding use of the Harvard domain name and other related matters