News and Announcements

Internet Connectivity Issues (Resolved)

Update, 3:40 pm: HUIT has restored Internet connectivity to normal operation as of 2:30pm, with subsequent monitoring to confirm stabilization. Those who wish to connect to the Internet from the Harvard network are once again able to do so. We regret any inconvenience this interruption may have caused.

Dear HSPH Community,

As of 10:40 am, internet connectivity for many users across campus is interrupted. Users may be unable to access external websites and delivery of email may be delayed.

Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) is actively working on resolving the issue.

Deane Eastwood
for the Department of Information Technology

Upcoming replacement of email filtering system

UPDATE, December 12: Proofpoint has been implemented and is fully operational.

To All SPH Faculty and Staff Email Users:

During the week of December 8th, Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) will be implementing a new virus and spam filtering service called Proofpoint,  to replace the current service running on the Harvard email systems (ICEMail, O365, Outlook).  The goal of this upgrade is to provide you with spam filtering that balances protection from harm or annoyance, while allowing you to receive the messages that you want and need.  While the recent increase in spam is not just a Harvard problem, the existing message hygiene service has not been able to achieve these objectives, and the new service offers more features and robust filtering from phishing scams and other email security threats.

More information on the new service can be found at:

As we approach the SPH transition,  you will receive additional emails indicating your actual transition date and instructions on how to access new features.  Please be assured that you will still receive all email during this transition

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our SPH Helpdesk by phone at 432-4357 or by email at:

Kresge LL-19 computer lab will re-open on Monday

The IT department is pleased to report that our Instructional Computing Facility in Kresge LL-19 (computer lab) will re-open for business as usual on Monday, November 24.

Our Media and Educational Technology Services (METS) staff will return to their offices within ICF LL-19.

The majority of the I/T Dept. staff however will likely remain in our temporary locations at Landmark, FXB, and Smith Street until the construction project in LL-6 adjacent to our LL-15 office suite is completed.

We thank the entire SPH community for your patience and understanding during the past 3 weeks, and we apologize for the tremendous inconvenience this closure may have caused you.

New Staff Addition: Erin Chadwick


Erin Chadwick, an Emerson College senior, has joined the Media and Educational Technology Services (METS) team as a video production intern.  Erin is helping HSPH with improving the quality of course captures this fall.  She works in our the central control room in the Kresge building using our new MediaSite course capture system and our remote cameras in Synder Auditorium (G1), Kresge G2, and Kresge G3.

Erin will be monitoring some of our classes and framing the lecturers.  This work has made our course recording more watchable and improved the overall student experience.

Erin is a film production major, with a particular interest in experimental film.

Erin works Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Please join us in welcoming Erin to the Harvard School of Public Health.

Website Outage (Resolved)

This morning from 9:12 am, the HSPH website stopped responding due to an issue with our web application firewall.  The web and server team quickly resolved the issue with our cloud vendors restoring access to the site by 9:32 am.

At 1:23 pm, there were additional related issues at our cloud hosting provider.  These were resolved at approximately 6:00 pm.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these outages.

New Staff Addition: Ritam Chowdhury

Dr. Ritam Chowdhury has joined the Media and Educational Technology Services (METS) team as a statistical consultant for SAS and STATA.  This is a role that has been evolving as we try our best to respond to the needs of our students.  Ritam is a SM1 student in the Department of Biostatistics, and he already holds multiple degrees including a M.B.B.S. (MD), MPH and PhD.

Ritam is also working on the HSPH Student Government as the representative from the Department of Biostatistics.

Ritam Chowdhury

Dr. Ritam Chowdhury, statistical consultant and student in the Department of Biostatistics

Ritam holds office hours on most Friday’s outside the METS dugout in Kresge LL15, and also works with students by appointment.

If students would like help with SAS or STATA, they can contact Ritam at, or

Please join us in welcoming Ritam to the Harvard School of Public Health’s Department of Information Technology.

Monthly Maintenance Window: Thursday, November 13, 2014

UPDATE: All updates were successful and systems are fully operational.

On Thursday, November 13, we will be performing our normal monthly system maintenance to all servers.

The maintenance window will last from 7PM to 1AM.

There will be a brief, 5 minute, school-wide Internet outage between 8:00PM and 8:30PM:

  • Internet access from inside SPH buildings, including Shattuck, will be interrupted

The following services will have one or two small outages:
(You can continue to work, but may have brief pauses while services restart)

The following services will be unavailable from 7pm – 10:30pm:

The following services will be unaffected during the maintenance window:  

Please contact our I/T Helpdesk at (617)432-4357 or email for any questions or concerns you may have regarding this information.

Upcoming maintenance dates:

  • 12/11/2014

HSPH IT Department Relocation

Due to construction that will begin in mid-July on Landmark Center 3rd Floor East, staff members currently at Landmark Center will be relocated to 33 Wigglesworth Street from July 10 through December.

Staff members relocating to Wigglesworth include:

  • Taso Markatos
  • Caryn D’Agostino
  • Deane Eastwood
  • Alex Garcia
  • David Marshall
  • Guillaume Molter
  • Brian Pedranti
  • Andy Ross
  • Anne Marie Stathis
  • Laurie Sutherland
  • Christopher Ternan
  • Nate Varney
  • Kevin Wnek

There is no change to Helpdesk or Media and Educational Technology Services (METS) teams.  The Helpdesk and these staff members remain in Kresge LL.  The Helpdesk may also be reached via phone at 617-432-HELP or via email at

New Staff Addition: Shinaider Zizi

Shinaider Zizi began his internship on October, 21, 2014. He will be working 10 hours each week. Shinaider Zizi is part of a program at Roxbury Community College (RCC). Zizi is a candidate for an associate degree in Information System Tech (IST) with an anticipated graduation date of May 2015.

Shinaider Zizi

Shinaider Zizi outside of Harvard University School of Public Health

Zizi will be working

  • Tuesday, Thursday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Friday From 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Please join us in welcoming Zizi to the Harvard School of Public Health!

New Staff Addition: Joseph Monteiro

Joseph Monterio began working as an intern on October 2 and will be working 12 hours each week as part of his program at Roxbury Community College (RCC).  He is a candidate for an associate of science degree in information system technology with an anticipated graduation date of May 2015.

Joseph Montiero

Joseph Montiero, Roxbury Community College Intern

Joseph will be working Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Joseph is our eighth co-op in the HSPH-RCC partnership coordinated by the HSPH Office of Human Resources.

Please join us in welcoming Joseph to the Harvard School of Public Health!