Duplication Services

The User Services group has a DVD duplicator that can be used to create DVDs for video or data.


Single copies on VHS or DVD
$20 per copy

Multiple copies (3 or more)
$50 to create and test master
$2 per DVD tape

Data capacity of DVD
4.7 GB, 2 hours of video time

User Services has several standard labels including one with the HSPH shield. A template is available that allows you to create your own label in an image editing software.

Print Runs
IT has the capacity to accommodate print runs of up to 100 DVDs. If you wish to create more than 100 DVDs, contracting with an external vendor will be both most time and cost-effective.

Instructors may request copies of a class(es) that were recorded for the web for students to be burned onto DVD. HSPH IT cannot take requests from students or teaching assistants. Requests must come from the faculty member responsible for the course content.

HSPH strictly adheres to all copyright laws as outlined by Harvard University. All content being burned to DVD or CD must have written copyright releases from the copyright holder. It is the responsibility of the faculty or staff person to secure the necessary permissions. HSPH IT staff members refer any questions about appropriate use to the Office of General Counsel for consultation.