Novell Netstorage

Novell Netstorage

Novell NetStorage provides the solution for simple, Internet-based access to file storage. NetStorage is a bridge between a company’s protected Novell storage network and the Internet. It allows you secure file access from any Internet location – with nothing to download or install on your workstation

With Novell NetStorage, you can securely access files from any Internet-enabled machine. You can copy, move, rename, delete, read, and write files between a local workstation and a Novell storage network. This means that access is available from any Internet-attached workstation, anywhere in the world. There is no need to e-mail or copy data from one machine to another.

At HSPH you can use NetStorage to securely access files on any Novell drive you have access to from your PC or MAC inside the School. After you logon, you will be presented with your P:, S: and any other drives that you normally receive.

NetStorage links

Open NetStorage

HSPH Instructions

To use NetStorage:

  • Click on the link above.
  • Make sure your Browser is allowing Pop-ups to our site (
  • Login with your Novell Login Name and Password
  • In a few moments you will see your drives show up