Remote Access (VPN)

HSPH is providing a way to securely access our network and systems from outside of HSPH via a free VPN (virtual private network) system.  VPN creates a “tunnel” to the from outside of the School. All data that is sent and received from the School is encrypted.

VPN can be used to access the Novell shared drives (P: and S:) from an HSPH computer with the Novell or Kanaka (Mac) client installed on it from outside of the School.

VPN can also be used to remote into your HSPH office computer from another computer.


  • Your department administrator can email the Helpdesk,, with the request.
  • You need a current valid Harvard ID.
  • Your Phone Number and Email Address.
  • We recommend that you have a high-speed Internet connection to use the VPN.
  • Use HSPH Configured Machine; or, ensure Software and Operating System are currently patched. In addition, make sure a current anti-virus/anti-malware program is installed and updated.