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WebEx @ HSPH

Web conferencing is available at HSPH using Webex.

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What is Webex?

Webex is an easy-to-use application that extends audio conference calls to include and share content from your computer with others in the session. There is also support for small video windows for multiple people.

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What are some potential applications of Webex at HSPH?

Meeting Replacement

Connect with colleagues across the country, around the world, or across campus via a Webex conference call. Webex allows you to collaboratively work on MS Office files, grant applications, research papers, etc. You can share any application or document on your computer with one or many for real-time collaborative work.

Training and Courses

Offer presentations, sections, tutorials, office hours, etc. Webex allows for real-time presentations from any location with a phone line and internet connection.

Desktop and Application Support

Allows HelpDesk technicians to conference with users, assist with troubleshooting, and/or take control of the end user’s machine allowing for updates, software installation and troubleshooting.


Host an event with registration and archiving features.

What does Webex cost?

HSPH IT Department has signed a new Webex enterprise license for 2008-2009. Please contact Deane Eastwood, 432-3613, deastwoo@hsph.harvard.edu, for pricing information.

  • A user license allows you to originate calls of to up to 200 attendees.
  • The attendees do not have to have user licenses.
  • User licenses may not be generic in nature and must be licensed to a specific Harvard employee.
  • A license allows you to use any product in the Webex Suite (Event Center, Meeting Center, Training Center or Support Center)

You may choose from three audio options:

  1. Use your own phone service or conference call bridging for the audio portion (no additional charge)
  2. Use Webex integrated audio using a toll-free number (charges apply)
  3. Use Voice over IP (VOIP). Utilizes headsets and computer audio.  (charges apply)

Resources and Demos

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If you are interested in acquiring a user license, please contact:

Fifteen minute demonstrations can be arranged as well as more in-depth training through Webex.