Wireless Access

HSPH Department of Information Technology has deployed Wireless Access points to provide wireless networking in the following public areas:

  • Kresge Microlab Rooms
  • Kresge Ground Level Auditoriums
  • Kresge Cafeteria
  • Kresge 2nd Floor Classrooms
  • Kresge 502
  • FXB Atrium
  • FXB Ground Level Classrooms
  • Landmark 3rd Floor, including all common areas
  • Landmark 4th Floor, including all common areas
  • Shattuck International House, all floors

In part, this deployment has been facilitated and funded by a University-wide partnership by the Provost’s office. The Provost has funded a program to enable consistent practice and tools for distribution and management of a campus-wide solution to wireless networking.

HSPH also has wireless access points located in some departments throughout the campus.

Available Wireless Networks

Harvard Help has information on all of the available wireless networks and is where you must start if you must connect using Harvard Secure Wireless.

Guest Access

For temporary campus visitors who require only basic Internet access. No login required.

Harvard University

For personnel and students within HUIT or its supported schools who do not require encrypted connections for their work. Your Harvard ID and PIN is authenticated via web browser to provide an unencrypted connection.

Harvard Secure

This access method utilizes the latest encryption and authentication standards of the IEEE 802.1x standard to provide a secure wireless connection using your Harvard ID and PIN. This connection method is preferred and recommended for all personnel and students who deal with sensitive or secure information. If this is your first visit to the Harvard Secure wireless network, connect to Harvard Help first and follow the instructions to update your laptop or PDA with an automatic supplicant. This process takes only a few moments. Once your device is configured, future access will be seamless.


eduroam (education roaming) is the secure worldwide federated network access service developed for the international research and education community. This link will pre-configure wireless devices for seamless wireless access when visiting eduroam member institutions.

Currently, the School of Public Health requires the following authentication for all Wireless access except Harvard Guest:

Installation Procedures

The School of Public Health Wireless is part of Harvard University IT (HUIT) wireless infrastructure. Once you connect to a wireless network at HSPH your device will automatically connect at all University sites that broadcast the HUIT wireless networks.

Harvard University Wireless Setup for PC, iOs, Mac and Android

Harvard Secure Wireless Setup for PC

Harvard Secure Wireless Setup for Mac

Please contact the HSPH IT Helpdesk at 617-432-4357 or helpdesk@hsph.harvard.edu if you require any help.