Current and Former Trainees

Current Doctoral Students


Emily Sparer (Expected graduation 2014)
Organizational programs and policies, safety culture, and work-related injury.

Jennifer Bruno Garza (Expected graduation 2013)
Assessment of biomechanical exposures of office workers during computer use.

Matthieu Trudeau (Expected graduation 2013)
Upper extremity biomechanics associated with using mobile computer technology such as laptop, iPads, and other tablet computers.

Oscar Arias (Expected graduation 2014)
Assessing low-back-pain risk factors in two populations: whole-body vibration (WBV) in heavy equipment of a large mining operation and trunk flexion among nurses in acute care hospitals.

Former Doctoral Students

Kerry Souza, Sc.D., (2009)
Epidemiologist, CDC-NIOSH Division of Surveillance, Hazard Evaluations and Field Studies
“Workplace Indicators of Job Strain and Occupational Injury Rates in a Manufacturing Cohort”

Che-Hsu Chang, Sc.D., (2008)
Consultant, McKinsey & Company
“Usage Monitor Software for Exposure Assessment of Compute-Related MSDs”

Lina Lander, Sc.D., (2008)
Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska
“Lacerations in Meatpacking”

Lope Barrero, Sc.D., (2007)
Assistant Professor, Javeriana University, Bogota
“Self-Report of Physical Exposures”

David Lee, Sc.D., (2007)
Product Development, Microsoft
“The Effect of Computer Input Device Designs on Hand Biomechanics and Motor Control”

Emily Rothman, Sc.D., (2005)
Assistant Professor, Boston University
“An Analysis of Workplace Policies Impacting Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration”

Ellen Connorton, ScD (2011).
Postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Work, Health and Wellbeing.
“Psychosocial strain and workers’ compensation use”

Christopher Ronk, MS, ScD (2010)
Environmental Health and Safety Consultant, Private Industry
“Safe ladder use in the construction industry”

Santosh Verma, MS, ScD (2012)
Research scientist, Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety’s Center for Injury Epidemiology,
“Risk factors for slipping in limited-service restaurant workers”

Jin Qin, ScD (2010).
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Massachusetts, Lowell.
“Upper extremity loading during keying”

Karen Hopcia RN, ScD (2010).
Assistant Professor and Director of the Occupational Health Nursing Program, University of Illinois at Chicago.
“Safety and health programs in small businesses and distributed work forces of the healthcare industry”

Current Post-Doctoral Trainees

Construction site

Alberto Caban-Martinez,  D.O., Ph.D., M.P.H.(University of Miami)

Lauren Murphy, Ph.D (Portland State)

Candace Nelson, ScD (Harvard School of Public Health)

Sohit Karol, Ph.D. (University of Maryland)

Former Post-Doctoral Trainees

Robert Catena, Ph.D, (2009)
Assistant Professor Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Evansville
“Attention and Gait Performance Following a Concussion”

Che-Hsu Chang, Sc.D., (2009)
Consultant, McKinsey & Company
“Usage Monitor Software for Exposure Assessment of Computer-Related MSDs”

Kezhi Jin, Ph.D., (2008)
Associate Professor, Fudan University PRC

Takashi Nagata, MD, (2007)
Clinician, St. Michael’s Hospital, Krume, Japan

Ramaswamy Krishnan, Ph.D., (2007)
Research Fellow, Harvard University

Lope Barrero, Ph.D., (2007)
Assistant Professor, Javeriana University, Bogota

Xu Xu, Ph.D (2008-2010)
Research Scientist, Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety

Helene Tveito (2008-2010)
Research Scientist, Uni Health Bergen, Norway

Gert Faber, Ph.D. (2010-2012)
Assistant Professor, VU University, Amsterdam

Silje Reme, Ph.D. (2010-2012)
Senior Researcher, Uni Research Bergen, Norway

Anna Wirtz Ph.D. (2010-2012)
Researcher, GAWO e.V. Oldenburg Germany

Justin Young, PhD (2011-2012)
Assistant Professor, Kettering University, Flint MI