HSPH/INSP Academic Exchange Program

Promoting Cross Cultural Public Health Education and Research

The HSPH/INSP Academic Exchange Program, an exchange between Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica (INSP), offers students and researchers from both HSPH and INSP a cultural immersion experience and a look into public health challenges in Mexico, the United States and around the world. The exchange offers the opportunity for HSPH students to take classes and conduct research in Cuernavaca, Mexico and for INSP students and scholars to take courses and conduct research in Boston, MA, USA.


The HSPH/INSP Academic Exchange Program, established in 2012 by HSPH’s Dean Julio Frenk and INSP’s Dr. Mauricio Hernandez Avila was created to broaden students’ educational horizons and further establish academic relations between the two institutes of public health and higher learning. The exchange offers new possibilities in academics and also in rethinking public health and the cross-cultural resources that are available to us today to combat various issues.

drcifuentesHSPH students and researchers interested in studying and working at INSP will have the opportunity during the summer for an intensive 10-week program. The program will consists of courses taught at INSP in Spanish and some in English, as well as Spanish language courses in Cuernavaca and research with acclaimed faculty at INSP. When students and researchers return to HSPH after the program, they will serve as liaisons for the program and share information about the academic opportunities in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

INSP scholars interested in taking classes or conducting research at HSPH will have the opportunity to do so in the spring for an intensive 7-week program. These visiting scholars will be exposed to a wealth of academic and cultural experiences throughout HSPH and around Boston. Upon their return to INSP, they will share their experiences with colleagues and help spread information about the academic opportunities in Boston.