HSPH Students/Scholars going to INSP

HSPH students taking courses at INSP
HSPH students may take courses at INSP in the summer.  Sufficient language ability in Spanish is expected of summer course enrollees.  Academic credits earned at INSP are not transferable to HSPH.  However department requirments could be waived if coursework is appropriate and if approved by departmental faculty.  Application deadline for summer courses is usually May 1 of each year.  Students continuing in their program at HSPH after the summer courses are covered by Harvard University health plans and have access to the University’s Global Support Services during their stay in Mexico.  HSPH students who have graduated from their program in the previous November, March, or May are eligible for enrollment in INSP courses, but are not covered by Harvard University health plans or Global Support services.

Application Timeline for courses:
February 15-David Rockefeller Center travelling scholarship due
End of April-HSPH von Clemm Travelling Fellowship due
May 1-Registration for HSPH students taking INSP summer courses due

HSPH students doing research with INSP faculty
HSPH students may do supervised research with faculty and staff at INSP.  Research opportunities will be coordinated by Dr. Enrique Cifuentes of the HSPH Department of Environmental Health.  Students interested in research opportunity should contact Dr. Cifuentes for details. If a student wishes for the research credit to be recorded on the HSPH transcript, an HSPH faculty member would have to approve an independent study and oversee the quality of the work performed under INSP guidance.

Application Timeline for research:
April 15- Invitation letter from INSP to HSPH scholar due
May 1-Research outline for HSPH students working at INSP due