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Cutting calories before cutting in surgery:

Studies show that the benefits of dietary restriction extend to medical recovery

Harvard Gazette – May 8, 2012

New research looks at short-term fasting to boost healing and fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer

The Boston Globe – March 12, 2012

Dietary restriction before surgery may help prevent some complications

The Washington Post – January 25, 2012

Protein-Free Diet May Make Surgery Less Risky

ABC News – January 25, 2012

Pre-surgery diet may boost survival odds – January 25, 2012

Restricted Diet Affects Surgery Risk

NIH – February 6, 2012

Limiting certain nutrients before surgery may reduce risk of surgical complications

Harvard Gazette – February 1, 2012

Limiting Protein or Certain Amino Acids Before Surgery May Reduce Risk of Surgical Complications

Harvard School of Public Health Press Release – January 25, 2012

Surgical Stress Resistance Induced by Single Amino Acid Deprivation Requires Gcn2 in Mice

Science Translational Medicine – January 25, 2012