JBL XI: Oct. 2008

11th Annual JBL Symposium

“Cell and Genome Stability Mechanisms in Cancer and Other Diseases

October 24-25, 2008


Friday, October 24 2008

Opening Lecture: Lawrence Loeb

Professor, Department of Biochemistry, University of Washington

“Mutator Phenotype in Human Cancer:  Origin and Consequences”


Session: I

Discussion Leader: Michael Makrigiorgos

Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, Department of Radiation Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School


David E. Fisher

Professor of Pediatrics/Chairman, Department of Dermatology and Director,

Melanoma Program in Medical Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital,

Harvard Medical School 

“UV, Skin Signaling, and Cutaneous Cancer Risk”


Frank McKeon

Professor, Department of Cell Biology Harvard Medical School

“TAp63: Maintaining the Superiority of the Female Germline”


Tanya Paull

Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, University of

Texas, Austin

“Mre11/Rad50 complexes and DNA double-strand break repair”


Craig Peterson

Professor and Vice-Chair, Program in Molecular Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School

“Chromatin remodeling and genomic integrity”


Saturday October 25, 2008

Session II:

Discussion Leader: Andrew Grosovsky

Professor of Cell Biology and Toxicology, Department of Biochemistry, University of California, Riverside


Pamela Silver

Professor, Department of Systems Biology, Harvard  Medical School

“Designing Biological Systems”


Myron Goodman

Professor of Chemistry, Head of Molecular and Computational Biology, University of Southern California

“Better Living Through Hyper-Mutation”


Thomas Kunkel

Research Geneticist, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH

“Division of Labor at Yeast DNA Replication Forks”


Graham Walker

Professor, Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Dealing with DNA Problems: Template Lesions and Replication Blocks”


Session III:

Discussion Leader: Karl Kelsey

Professor of Community Health, Bio Med Center for Environmental Health and Technology, Brown University


Raul Mostoslavsky

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School, Assistant Geneticist, MGH Cancer Center, Department of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

“The role of the chromatin factor SIRT6 in glucose homeostasis”


Brian Dynlacht

Professor in the Department of Pathology, NYU School of Medicine, Director of Genomics Program, NYU Cancer Institute

“Regulation of Centrosome Duplication and Genome Stability”


Johannes Walter

Associate Professor, Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School

“Mechanism of DNA Interstrand Cross-Link Repair in S Phase”