John Evans

Adjunct Professor of Environmental Health

Department of Environmental Health

135 Market Street, Unit C
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801


Dr. Evans’ research focuses on risk assessment, uncertainty analysis, and decision making in environmental health.

Quantitative information about uncertainty is needed by decision makers responsible for determining how much to spend to control environmental exposures and by scientists responsible for prioritizing research efforts. Much of Dr. Evans’ work has involved the development and application of methods for characterizing uncertainty in estimates of exposures to and risks from contaminants in the environment.

Simple and transparent approaches for estimating population exposure to air pollutants are necessary to support many risk assessments – especially in developing countries. Dr. Evans has pioneered application of the concept of intake fraction (formerly known as exposure efficiency) to meet this need.

Environmental decision makers often need to distinguish situations when they have enough information to make control decisions and from those in which it would be best to wait for research to improve the scientific basis for decision making. Dr. Evans has demonstrated how the decision analytic approach for estimating the value of information can be used to address this issue in support of environmental decisions.

From 2002-2008 Dr. Evans directed a program of study intended to assess the public health impacts of Iraq’s 1990 invasion and occupation of Kuwait. The study used epidemiology and risk assessment to characterize the health impacts of mine and ordnance accidents, smoke from the oil well fires, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from the marine and terrestrial oil spills, and depleted uranium from spent munitions. The project also examined the health consequences of the Kuwaiti population’s exposure to trauma related to these events.

He now serves as Academic Director of Cyprus International Institute for Environment and Public Health — an institute which was established by a collaborative agreement between the Republic of Cyprus, Harvard University and Cyprus University of Technology


S.D., 1980, Harvard University
S.M., 1977, Harvard University
M.S., 1971, University of Michigan