Josiemer Mattei

Assistant Professor of Nutrition

Department of Nutrition

655 Huntington Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02115

Research interests

  • Diet quality and risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and related cardiometabolic outcomes
  • Dietary patterns and ethnic-specific foods associated with type 2 diabetes and its risk factors, and how these shape racial/ethnic health disparities
  • The global nutrition transition; establishing dietary interventions to improve diet quality and prevent diabetes in Latin America
  • Effect of variants in genes on glucose and lipid metabolism pathways, on changes in weight and glucose/insulin markers in response to diet interventions; gene-diet interactions and nutrigenomics
  • Promoting nutrition/genetic epidemiological studies among Latinos in the US and Latin America, and translating results into community and public health programs


  • PhD; Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism, Friedman School of Nutrition, Tufts University
  • MS; Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism-Specialization in Genetics, Tufts University
  • MPH; Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Medicine, Tufts University
  • BS; Industrial Microbiology, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus