Konstantinos C. Makris

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Environmental Health


Dr. Makris’ research interests focus on Water and Human Health issues with a primary emphasis on the assessment of human exposures to commonly-occurring environmental chemicals, such as, in water and food items, packaging materials and numerous consumer products. Special focus is paid on delineating human exposures to disinfection by-products and endocrine-disrupting compounds that disrupt hormonal homeostasis during critical windows of susceptibility.

Dr. Makris utilizes targeted and untargeted techniques of the Exposome towards the improved understanding of human exposures to environmental chemicals and their metabolic health effects (type II diabetes, thyroid anomalies, liver diseases). Towards this goal, Dr. Makris collaborates with Harvard faculty specializing in environmental epidemiology and bioinformatics to address environmental health issues in different areas of the world, notably in Cyprus, Greece and Kuwait.

Under the auspices of the Cyprus University of Technology, Dr. Makris supervises the Water and Health laboratory in the Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health. The ultimate goal of the Water & Health research program is to minimize the human health risk associated with chronic exposures to environmental chemicals. Towards this goal, the Water & Health research program applies improved exposure assessment protocols for endocrine disruptors and disinfection by-products that refine the degree of association with their corresponding health outcomes.

During the past 10 years, Dr. Makris has published >70 peer-reviewed journal articles dealing with the environmental chemistry and exposure science of environmental contaminants, including the development of intervention measures/ technologies for a number of inorganic (arsenic, and lead) and organic (veterinary antibiotics and explosive munitions residues) toxic contaminants.


Ph.D., 2004, University of Florida, USA

M.S., 2000, University of Kentucky, USA

B.S., 1998, Aristotle University, Greece