How to Apply

Kids with sticks narrower2014-15 Application  Deadlines:  

  • September 1, 2014
  • December, 2014
  • April 1, 2015

Opportunities The Lown Scholarship Program supports three different kinds of scholars. The Scholars-in-Residence Program is designed to supplement tuition and living expenses for students studying at the Harvard School of Public Health in a master’s program, in their final year or two of a doctoral program, or during a post-doctoral fellowship. Junior Visiting Scholars, who are not enrolled at HSPH, typically spend 3 – 12 months working with a faculty mentor further developing their skills. Senior Visiting Scholars will be given support for short-term visits of 2-3 weeks, up to twice per year to collaborate with colleagues at Harvard School of Public Health.


Scholar-in-Residence Program New applicants to master’s programs at HSPH, continuing master’s or doctoral students, as well as post-doctoral fellows whose work focuses on the prevention of cardiovascular disease in an LMIC are eligible for this program. All applicants must submit a letter from a mentor in their home country describing the scholar’s future employment opportunities when they return home. New HSPH applicants for 2015 must submit a letter of intent by December 1, 2014.  We will review the letters by mid-January and invite selected applicants to complete the full Scholar-in-Residence application, which will be due February 14. We encourage all candidates to seek supplemental funding, from their own countries,  from HSPH or from other sources.  Candidates must complete appropriate financial aid forms. All admissions requirements, application information, deadlines and financial aid information may be found at the School website, Students must be offered admission to the Harvard School of Public Health to be eligible to become a Scholar-in-Residence. We will announce our decision soon after HSPH admissions decisions are made. Continuing HSPH students and post-docs may submit the Scholar-in-Residence application for the September 1, December 1 or April 1 deadlines.

Letter of Intent

Scholar in Residence 2014-15

Junior Visiting Scholars Candidates for the Junior Visiting Scholar program must be working on some aspect of cardiovascular disease prevention, and wish to augment their training and experience in this field by spending 3 – 12 months working with a mentor at HSPH. Alternatively, they may elect to visit HSPH for brief periods over several years. They may opt to take classes at HSPH, but are not degree candidates. They will generally have an ongoing position in their home country, with plans to continue their work once they complete their fellowship. Those who do not already have a mentor in mind can contact us, and we will help to establish a relationship with an appropriate faculty member.

Junior Visiting Scholar Application

Senior Visiting Scholar Program Candidates for the Senior Visiting Scholar Program must have an established position in an LMIC that involves the prevention of cardiovascular disease. The Visiting Scholar will work in collaboration with a faculty member at Harvard School of Public Health. Those who do not already have a collaborative relationship can contact us, and we will help to establish a relationship with an appropriate research partner.

Senior Visiting Scholar Application Form