Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed articles

Agénor M, Bailey Z, Krieger N, Austin SB, Gottlieb BR. Exploring the health care and cervical cancer screening experiences of black lesbian, bisexual, and queer women: the role of patient-provider communication (under review).

Agénor M, Krieger N, Austin SB, Haneuse S, Gottlieb BR. At the intersection of sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, and cervical cancer screening: assessing Pap test use disparities by sex of sexual partners among black, Latina, and white U.S. women. Social Science & Medicine 2014;116:110-118.

Agénor M, Krieger N, Austin SB, Haneuse S, Gottlieb BR. Sexual orientation disparities in Papanicolaou test use among U.S. women: the role of sexual and reproductive health services. American Journal of Public Health 2014;104(2): e68-e73.

Agénor PR, Agénor M. Infrastructure, women’s time allocation, and economic development. Journal of Economics. Journal of Economics 2013. DOI: 10.1007/s00712-013-0358-0.

Agénor M, Collins PY. Preventing HIV among U.S. women of color with severe mental illness: perceptions of mental health care providers working in urban community clinics. Health Care for Women International 2013;34(3-4):281-302.

Romero DR, Agénor M. U.S. fertility prevention as poverty prevention: an empirical question and social justice issue. Women’s Health Issues 2009;19(6):355-364.

Book chapters

Agénor M. What are the numbers? The epidemiology of cancer by sexual orientation and gender identity. In U Boehmer and E Ronit (Eds.), Cancer and the LGBT community: unique perspectives from risk to survivorship. 2014. New York: Springer. Forthcoming.

Policy and research reports

Arons J, Agénor M. Separate and unequal: the Hyde Amendment and women of color. Washington, DC: Center for American Progress, 2010. Available at:

Bessett D, Prager J, Havard J, Murphy D, Agénor M, Foster A. Young adults, health insurance, and access to contraception in the wake of health care reform: results from focus group discussions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Cambridge, MA: Ibis Reproductive Health, 2010.

Agénor M, Pettitt Callahan K, Henchy G. Making WIC work for multicultural communities: best practices in outreach and nutrition education. Washington, DC: Food Research and Action Center, 2009. Available at:

Agénor M, Havard J, Bessett D, Foster A. Young adults and the coverage of contraceptive services in the wake of health care reform: results from an assessment of young adult-targeted health plans in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Cambridge, MA: Ibis Reproductive Health, 2009. Available at:

Agénor M, Ettinger de Cuba S, Rose-Jacobs R, Frank DA. The impact of food insecurity on the development of young, low-income black and Latino children. Washington, DC: Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, 2006. Available at: