Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed articles

Agénor M, Peitzmeier S, Gordon AR, Haneuse S, Potter JE, Austin SB. Sexual orientation identity disparities in human papillomavirus vaccine knowledge and initiation in a national probability sample of young U.S. women. Under review.

McCauley H, Silverman J, Decker M, Agénor M, Borrero S, Tancredi D, Miller E. Sexual and reproductive health indicators of behaviorally bisexual women exposed to intimate partner violence. Under review.

Bessett D, Prager J, Havard J, Murphy D, Agénor M, Foster A. Barriers to contraceptive access after health care reform: experiences of young adults in Massachussetts. Women’s Health Issues (forthcoming).

Agénor M, Bailey Z, Krieger N, Austin SB, Gottlieb BR. Exploring the health care and cervical cancer screening experiences of black lesbian, bisexual, and queer women: the role of patient-provider communication. Women and Health (forthcoming).

Agénor M, Krieger N, Austin SB, Haneuse S, Gottlieb BR. At the intersection of sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, and cervical cancer screening: assessing Pap test use disparities by sex of sexual partners among black, Latina, and white U.S. women. Social Science & Medicine 2014;116:110-118.

Agénor M, Krieger N, Austin SB, Haneuse S, Gottlieb BR. Sexual orientation disparities in Papanicolaou test use among U.S. women: the role of sexual and reproductive health services. American Journal of Public Health 2014;104(2): e68-e73.

Agénor PR, Agénor M. Infrastructure, women’s time allocation, and economic development. Journal of Economics. Journal of Economics 2013. DOI: 10.1007/s00712-013-0358-0.

Agénor M, Collins PY. Preventing HIV among U.S. women of color with severe mental illness: perceptions of mental health care providers working in urban community clinics. Health Care for Women International 2013;34(3-4):281-302.

Romero DR, Agénor M. U.S. fertility prevention as poverty prevention: an empirical question and social justice issue. Women’s Health Issues 2009;19(6):355-364.

Book chapters

Agénor M. What are the numbers? The epidemiology of cancer by sexual orientation and gender identity. In U Boehmer and E Ronit (Eds.), Cancer and the LGBT Community: Unique Perspectives From Risk to Survivorship. New York: Springer. Forthcoming.

Policy and research reports

Arons J, Agénor M. Separate and unequal: the Hyde Amendment and women of color. Washington, DC: Center for American Progress, 2010. Available at:

Bessett D, Prager J, Havard J, Murphy D, Agénor M, Foster A. Young adults, health insurance, and access to contraception in the wake of health care reform: results from focus group discussions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Cambridge, MA: Ibis Reproductive Health, 2010.

Agénor M, Pettitt Callahan K, Henchy G. Making WIC work for multicultural communities: best practices in outreach and nutrition education. Washington, DC: Food Research and Action Center, 2009. Available at:

Agénor M, Havard J, Bessett D, Foster A. Young adults and the coverage of contraceptive services in the wake of health care reform: results from an assessment of young adult-targeted health plans in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Cambridge, MA: Ibis Reproductive Health, 2009. Available at:

Agénor M, Ettinger de Cuba S, Rose-Jacobs R, Frank DA. The impact of food insecurity on the development of young, low-income black and Latino children. Washington, DC: Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, 2006. Available at: