Marianthi-Anna Kioumourtzoglou

Research Fellow

Department of Environmental Health

401 Park Drive
Landmark Center, 3rd Flr East., PO Box 15697
Boston, MA 02215

ISEE 2014 — Seattle, WA

Please come see our work during this year’s ISEE Conference in Seattle!

  • Mon 08.25, 11.50-14.00: “Long-term PM2.5 Exposure and Neurological Hospital Admissions in the Northeastern United States” (P1-189)
  • Mon 08.25, 11.50-14.00: “Long-term PM2.5 Exposure and Incident Depression in Women” (P1-190)
  • Wed 08.27, 07.30-08.30: “Using Personal Exposure Data to Assess Exposure Measurement Error in PM2.5 Health Effect Studies” — to be presented as part of the “Exposure measurement error in air pollution studies: Consequences and correction methods” Symposium (M-15)
  • Wed 08.27, 11.50-14.00: “Long-term PM2.5 Exposure and Mortality in 209 US Cities and Effect Modification By Temperature” (P3-724)

Also, please check out the following presentations and posters:

  • “Exposure to Fine Particulate Air Pollution Is Associated with Anxiety” presented by Melinda Power (O-025, Mon 08.25, 14.00-15.30)
  • “The Association of Long-Term Exposure to PM2.5 on All-Cause Mortality in the Nurses’ Health Study and the Impact of Measurement-Error Correction” presented by Jaime Hart (P2-430, Tue 08.26, 11.50-14.00)
  • “Short-Term Associations of Ambient Source-Specific Particulate Matter with Emergency Respiratory Hospitalizations in Hong Kong” presented by Vivian Pun (O-168, Tue 08.26, 16.00-17.30)

Research Interests

As a doctoral student I focused on statistical issues related to air pollution epidemiology, such as measurement error induced by use of surrogate instead of true exposures to fine particles, methods to deal with multi-pollutant exposures, such as hierarchical models,  source apportionment and clustering, and the impact of failure to account for the uncertainty in source contribution estimation on the estimated health effects.

As a post-doc, I am very excited to work with Dr. Marc Weisskopf, studying the effects of air pollution on psychiatric symptoms, neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders!