Journal Papers

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Conference Posters & Presentations

  • Kioumourtzoglou M.-A., Coull B.A., Dominici F., Koutrakis P., Schwartz J.D., Suh H.H., “The Impact of Source Contribution Uncertainty on the Effect of Source-Specific PM2.5 on Cardiovascular Hospital Admissions”, ISEE 2013 Conference, Basel, Switzerland, August 2013
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  • Kioumourtzoglou M.-A., Vizuete W., Jeffries H., “A Detailed Process Based Evaluation of Various Attempts to Simulate Houston, TX”, 5th annual CMAS conference, Chapel Hill NC, USA, October 2006

Technical Reports & Dissertations

  • “Bias, Uncertainty and Multi-Pollutant Exposures in Air Pollution Health Studies”, ScD Dissertation, May 2013
  • “Tropospheric Ozone: Health Effects, Control Strategies, Process Analysis and Source Apportionment”, MSPH Technical Report, August 2007
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